Major milestone as APS apprenticeships get government approval

20160607_0024September 16, 2016: The Association of Professional Sales is delighted to announce that the Department for Education has approved its bid to design an apprenticeship for B2B sales managers.

“I am pleased to confirm that you have been given approval to develop an apprenticeship standard covering the following occupation: Business To Business Sales Manager,” said David Sampson, the head of the standards development team at the DfE’s apprenticeships directorate.

Ian Helps, APS director of sales professionalism, said the news was a major milestone on the APS’s journey to professionalise sales.

“It represents a fantastic opportunity to put together a programme to attract people either to begin a career in sales, or to develop their existing sales career further,” said Helps.

This will be the first apprenticeship standard to be developed within B2B sales in the UK. The bid was for the development of a degree apprenticeship. Degree-level, or Level 6, apprenticeships bring together the best of higher, professional and technical education via work-based learning and offer significant advantages for employers as well as employees, enabling them to attract and retain talent.

The APS will work closely with our corporate partners in our Trailblazer group to develop the apprenticeship standard, ensuring that it meets the ethical and professional standards of the APS and the skills and behaviours required of the role.

The programme is being chaired by Graham Davis, sales director at Royal Mail, who will aim to ensure that the apprenticeship is employer-led. The current corporate members of the Trailblazer group are listed below – other organisations are invited to join.*

The group will hold its first meeting this month.

“We believe that every person should have the chance to go as far as their talents will take them, so the APS has developed the world’s first comprehensive Continuous Professional  Development programme in sales.

“The sales apprenticeship programmes form an integral part of this,” added Ian Helps.

Ultimately the APS aims to lead the development of apprenticeship standards for B2B sales people from school leaver to Masters degree equivalent, levels 4 to 7.

The work-based apprenticeships will be aligned with the APS’ Continuous Professional Development pathway, and are part of the APS’s progress towards achieving chartered status.

The APS welcomes enquiries from other employer organisations wishing to participate in co-developing the Apprenticeship. Please contact Louise Sutton, APS Head of Qualifications and Apprenticeships:

*Members of the Trailblazer group: Arena Group, BAE Systems, Consalia, IMG Europe, Kimberley Clark, McCurrach, Pitney Bowes, Royal Mail, SIG plc, Whitbread/Premier Inn, WorldPay.

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