All-Party Parliamentary Group for Professional Sales

What is the APPG for Professional Sales?

The APPG stands for All Party Parliamentary Group, and for the first time under the leadership and vision of Stephen Kerr MP.

A lifelong sales professional Stephen has worked for major sales organisations most recently for Kimberley Clark Professional, where he led their sales enablement and development functions.

On being elected to the House of Commons for the constituency of Stirling he started working on a vision to impact development in areas of importance and one of those was the professionalism of sales and its recognition as a career equal to marketing, finance, HR, procurement and engineering.

He has received the backing of 65 Members of the House across the political spectrum, who all see the importance of sales in the future of the British economy and see the development of skills for those who work in it as vital to our countries productivity and position of the global economic stage.

Under the leadership of Guy Lloyd, the APS has been requested to be the official secretariat to the APPG for Professional Sales and provide frameworks, project management, business engagement and manage meetings, outcomes and follow up.

We look forward to supporting this ground breaking and largest of all Parliamentary groups to drive real change,

APPG for Professional Sales Focus Areas

The APPG will focus on three keys areas initially, drawing evidence via survey, call for personal experience and submission to APPG panel and written evidence.

The evidence gathering and meetings will be designed to reach a conclusion on change requirements and actions, in order to improve the sales profession, its recognition, its skills development, its interaction with buyers and procurement, and the impact the changes can have on the economy.

The areas for investigation currently stand as; –

  1. The current recognition of sales as a profession, its skills development requirements, and requirements for wider recognition by academic institutions, individuals, businesses and associations.
  2. The relationship with procurement and professional buyers in organisations and seeking evidence to understand the platform used for interaction, examining if current interactions are price or value based. Based on findings making recommendations to changes and quantifying the impact to British GDP.
  3. Working to formulate trading and sales skills gaps and requirements for small and medium enterprises (SME), and building frameworks for support, in order to upskill, increase revenues and reduce the cost of sales.

For more detail please see the specific areas below on the work we are under taking with all parties and government, and how to engage in this program of change.

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