Ethics & Code

  • Defining with Profession the Code of Ethics
  • Open Source & Applicable
  • Customer Focused & Public Bench Marks

Professional Registration

  • Co-created with the profession
  • Public Register of Ethical Sales People


  • Defined by APS membership
  • Curriculum published and syllabus released
  • Exams established to support internal courses and assist in knowledge retention. Providing external recognition to development journey


Areas of Interest

  • Focus groups on current & future issues, feeding thought leadership and driving transformation agendas
  • Supporting previously 'island' roles in corporations sales ecosystems, and increasing access to knowledge and external thinking


  • With specific informal events, and personal connections made external and fresh perspectives gained from peer support groups and relationships


  • Event tied to curriculum and delivering content to:
    • Sales Leaders
    • Sales Managers
    • First line sales contributors
  • Annual Conferences
  • Webcasts for global Access


Schools Engagement

  • Extra Curricular Sales Basics for years 10 and 11
  • Online Sales Training Game for further engagement
  • Promoting Corporate APS Members as destination employers to future talent

External Qualification

  • Working with Government on Sales Apprenticeships
  • Engaging Colleges and Universities to offer more sales specific undergraduate courses
  • Creating undergraduate part time, physical and on-line BSc to support professionals

APS Chartered Qualifications

  • Converting APS certified qualifications to Chartered Status on privy council approval
  • Working with Universities on APS Qualification entry
  • Working with Recruiting Companies & Agencies to educate employers and candidates on the benefits of continuous and evidenced development



  • Established the National Institute of Sales Research by Prof. Nick Lee
  • Supporting Focus Area Research
  • Designing Research for Corporate Members and assisting Corporates expose developed research

Case Studies

  • Developing Corporate and Company best practices for the use of leaders and organisations with similar challenges
  • Providing individual best practices and insight for peer insight and development
  • Providing practitioner led events and materials aligned to experience, centred on certification matrix

Thought Leadership

  • Academic and practitioner generated talks and articles to provoke thinking on future trends and issues affecting sales
  • Surveys and articles giving insight into professional pulse and industry practices - good & bad.
  • Insight from respected specialists on experiences uncovered