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APS conference focuses on Sales Enablement

Thursday, June 7, 2018: Sales enablement and development are assuming an ever more central role in the smooth running of most sales organisations. In response, the Association of Professional Sales (APS) has brought together a new professional community to seek out best practice on this vital business function. But what is sales enablement? The speakers […]

APS conference: vulnerability and strength in leadership

Thursday 7 June 2018: A single buzzword emerged from the Association of Professional Sales’s conference on leadership today, and the word was vulnerability. In an inspiring event, the importance of admitting ignorance or failure and learning from one’s mistakes cropped up repeatedly as the hallmarks of an effective manager. Valerie Risk and Rishi Rout of […]

Cracking the Brexit puzzle and unlocking opportunity

15 November 2017: In the run-up to Brexit, the Association of Professional Sales is canvassing opinion about what leaving the European Union will mean for British business. Over the next 18 months, as Britain counts down to Brexit, we will be looking at how professional salespeople need to adapt to thrive in a new-look marketplace. We […]

APS patron Professor Neil Rackham awarded honorary doctorate

27 October 2017: APS patron Neil Rackham has been awarded an honorary doctorate by Edinburgh Napier University in recognition of his world-renowned achievements in the theory and practice of sales. Professor Rackham pioneered consultative selling, after using his psychology degree to devise what remains the largest piece of practical research ever conducted into the way […]

How to get to customers earlier in the buying cycle

October 16, 2017: One of the biggest challenges facing sellers today is how much harder it is to speak to customers before they have already made up their minds. Customers are on average 68% of the way along the buying process before they contact a sales organisation, according to the expert research group Forrester. The wealth of […]

Guest blog: The sporting beginnings of business coaching

5 October 2017: Business has been seeking to draw lessons from sport for over forty years. The word ‘coach’ has been used in sports since the 19th century, but it was only in the 1980s that it really began to enter the business lexicon. John Whitmore, a former racing driver and pioneer of coaching as […]

Industry leaders to deliver APS sales qualifications

July 17, 2017: The Association of Professional Sales is delighted to announce that it has recruited five training partners of the highest calibre to deliver its sales qualifications. Earlier this year the Association launched its suite of qualifications, aimed at everyone from those starting their sales career to aspiring managers and leaders. We can now reveal […]

Why world-class training for sales managers wins business

July 12 2017: It’s a paradox that sales manager have the most complicated and influential job in sales, yet consistently receive less training than the people they lead. New research has revealed that this approach is shortsighted. The potential rewards of a proper development programme for sales managers are large. Why are sales managers left […]