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APS launches two powerful free tools to improve customer experience

In future all APS members, corporate and individual, will have free access to a pioneering new method of measuring whether customers were happy with the sale process. Sales professionals will also be able to set up secure virtual meeting rooms, where they can talk to their clients and stakeholders in privacy about an individual deal, and safely exchange and store key data.

Fellow of the Association of Professional Sales elected MP for Stirling

June 9 2017:  The Association of Professional Sales is proud to announce that Stephen Kerr, one of its Fellows, has been elected MP for Stirling at the General Election. Andrew Hough, the chief executive of the APS, sent his congratulations to Mr Kerr, a career sales professional whose most recent role is as sales operations […]

Conference 2017: key quotes at a glance

June 6, 2017: “Let me tell you about the Association of Professional Sales’s vision for the future. We want to be chartered, we want to put sales in the same place as all the other professions like accounting and engineering.” Andrew Hough, CEO of the APS “The ability to articulate value is at the heart […]

Conference 2017: the best story, told the best, will always win

June 6, 2017: “The best story, told the best, will always win.” These were the closing words at today’s Conversations That Win conference, which provided a masterclass in how salespeople can tell the best story at the three critical moments in the sales process. Presented jointly by the Association of Professional Sales (APS) and Corporate Visions, Conversations That Win […]

Good habits in sales presentations that will wow your clients

May 24, 2017: Can there be anything more doomed to failure than delivering a sales presentation that doesn’t win business one week, then delivering exactly the same presentation the following week? Yet this is what an enormous number of salespeople do, says communications consultant Andy Bounds, who delivered a thought-inspiring webinar for the Association of Professional […]

The secrets of selling – what the experts told us

May 5, 2017 Does sales have a secret code? Three authors revealed some of the hidden truths about selling, as they launched new books at a networking event hosted by the Association of Professional Sales. Secret Skill, Hidden Career.. “Sales changed my life,” says Paul Owen. The author of the forthcoming Secret Skill, Hidden Career, told a […]

Inside the Mind of the Buyer: ten things you need to know about procurement

May 9, 2017 Not long ago, many sales people viewed the procurement team on the opposite side of the negotiating table as the enemy. Today, however, co-operation and collaboration  are often essential. Scoring points helps nobody and greater understanding is the way ahead. John Murphy, Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply, and former procurement […]

APS Seminar: Coaching and the challenge of managing millennials

March 9 2017: The digital generation we call “millennials” will be in the majority in the salesforce within a very few years, bringing with them their own distinct management challenges. Sales leaders attending yesterday’s APS seminar, Creating A Successful Sales Coaching Culture, described millennials as sometimes having unrealistic expectations in the workplace. They are used to instant gratification, […]

APS launches sales qualifications to set benchmark for sales industry

February 6, 2017: The Association of Professional Sales has launched a full suite of sales qualifications to represent the skills of sales people at every stage of their career. The qualifications have been developed to the highest standards to reflect the latest thinking in sales learning and development. They offer unique flexibility to the learner and their […]