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Extrovert or introvert: How does personality affect your sales ability?

February 3, 2017: It is often said the best salespeople are extrovert, write Lance Mortimer and Bryan McCrae, in the latest in their series on the myths around sales psychology. We have all met them: larger than life, gregarious and confident, extrovert sales people are the life and soul of the meeting, and get energised from being in […]

Huthwaite International’s rebrand projects passion and power

January 30, 2017: Why has Huthwaite International, one of the best established names worldwide in sales training, consultancy and research, carried out a rebrand? After a root and branch review, Huthwaite transformed every aspect of the way it looks and feels when communicating with clients, starting with the switch from imperial purple to passionate red […]

New approach for APS 2017 spring events programme

January 5, 2017: The Association of Professional Sales is expanding its events programme to meet the needs of our growing and diverse membership. Starting this month, we are running three strands of events, each aimed at a different membership grade: whether Fellow, with ten or more years in the industry including five at senior leadership level; Advanced Member […]

Letters after your name show your professionalism in sales

January 5, 2017: This year for the first time members of the Association of Professional Sales will be able to use letters after their name on emails and business cards. The change will enable our members to show their customers that they have committed themselves to high standards of ethics and professionalism. It came into effect […]

Press release: APS in partnership agreement with Miller Heiman Group

December 19, 2016: The Association of Professional Sales is delighted to announce that it will be working in partnership with Miller Heiman Group, one of the world’s most prolific providers of business solutions in sales and service performance development. Miller Heiman Group is justly renowned for the exceptional quality of its research, its unique methodology and its […]

Why you need to appeal to your customer’s emotions, not their intelligence

December 7, 2016: A salesperson who tries to use reasoned argument on a sales pitch will close fewer deals than a seller who appeals to the emotions. It’s a shocking idea, but one that has emerged from decades of neuroscientific research, tested out in real-life sales situations by the sales consultancy Corporate Visions. Customers tend to make decisions […]

Opinion: Donald Trump and the journey from salesman to statesman

November 23, 2016: Winning the US presidential election has changed the game for Mr Trump. As a candidate, commentators often described Mr Trump as a snake oil salesman. Now the hotel mogul and his transition team are working to transform him from salesman to statesman. The rhetoric of the campaign trail – boastful promises, slandering rivals, thin-skinned tantrums […]