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The ILM Dimensions of Leadership webinar series – supported by APS

Synopsis:  In 2018, The Institute of Leadership & Management is launching The Dimensions of Leadership Webinar Series, 49 webinars based on five dimensions of great leadership: Ownership, Achievement, Collaboration and Vision, with Authenticity at its heart.  The second dimension in this amazing series is Vision (there are eight free 30 minute webinars as detailed below):

APS Insightful Sales Seminar

14 November 2019: 9.00 am – 12.00 noon GMT (Schlumberger Plc, Schlumberger House, 62 Buckingham Gate, London   SW1E 6AJ) : 1.  Shiny Balls & Why Sales Leaders Need to Grow a Pair.  2.  The Future of Sales Manager:  The impact on you and your customers.  3. Reducing work related stress in sales / Improving mental health in sales.