You are submitting a history of learning that you have done individually over the last 12 months of your membership within the APS, and you are applying to be awarded with Certified Professional Status.

To achieve this recognition you need to submit the individual learning that you have completed during the year and that must reach 24 CPD points in total (this usually equates to around 24 hours of learning, please see table below). Eligible training and learning would be; –

  • APS Live Event
  • APS Conference
  • APS Webinar
  • APS Reading on Client Share: Research, Papers, Previous Events & Recordings
  • Company Sales Training: Live or Web Based
  • Personal Reading: Sales Books, Sales Research
  • External Reading
  • External Non APS Events

Please use the form below for your submission and then submit, upon review and acceptance your certificate and logo will be despatched to your email, for use on social media, email and business cards etc.