Step 1- Reward & Retention

Once the central question has been answered, namely ;-

Do you as an organization seek to be recognized as employing & developing professional sales people.

If the answer is yes then supporting the global body which will help you do this is one of the key requirements.

And that can be achieved by either Sponsorship, or the corporate subscription for Licenses for some of your sales teams. Our advice is that we work with you on how that elements evolves, whether that be your company identifying individuals, or advertising and seeking application (within criteria you identify).

Our Member Services Team will then work with your internal teams to assist in engaging and on boarding the individuals, and ensuring they understand why you as a company are engaged and what the future journey looks like, and their roles as individuals, and how they can immediately engage and benefit.

Step 2 - Professional Registration

Step 2 builds on the initial engagement, and holds the second action post the central premise question being answered and committed to;-


Articulating the commitment to developing professional sales, by educating and testing your teams, for public recognition

Our first step is Profession Registration

Step 3 - Expansion of Engagement

Step 3 is the expansion past the firm selected, to open up to wider sales teams within your organisation. We do not at this point expect your company to subscribe on behalf of these second group of sales employees. They pay as individuals on the assumption that they value and engage what they invest in.

We will continue to honor the original corporate proposal discount, and allow access to that by your wider teams. Subject to successful application they effectively receive an employee benefit from you as a leadership team, and your company continues to support the APS overall growth.

Step 4 - Expansion of Employee & Customer Engagement

Step 4 is to expand the membership into your partner base, remaining sales ecosystem, including specific roles, such as Business Development, Bid Management, Sales Enablement, Pre-Sales and a like.

Expansion of people working for Standards and Qualifications, and working with the APS on engaging your customers on the progress made, development in ethics and capabilities and the benefits that have been measured.