End Point Assessment from the Association of Professional Sales

The Association of Professional Sales was the professional body for those who work in sales who lead the introduction of the Sales Professional Degree Apprenticeship (Level 6) and Sales Executive Apprenticeship (Level 4). Through the work of all those involved, sales professionals now have access to over £360m of funding that they would not have been able to access before.

So what is End Point Assessment?

  • End Point Assessment assesses the knowledge, skills and behaviours acquired through the course of the apprenticeship training
  • EPA must take place to access funding for the Sales Executive Apprenticeship (Level 4)
  • The Sales Executive apprenticeship is EPA’d via a learning journal and a professional discussion
  • The APS offers qualifications that allow sales professionals to receive professional qualifications in line with their apprenticeships

Why choose the APS EPA?

The APS is the only independent organisation who understands the needs of global sales organisations and can therefore assess sellers across providers, companies, and countries.

  • We’re proud to have lead the trailblazer on behalf of the sales profession in the UK
  • We’re the professional body for sales and an awarding organisation with the expertise to assess sales professionals
  • Sales Professionals want to be assessed by their professional body, giving credibility and comfort
  • Apprentices receive membership to help support their learning

How does APS EPA work?