7 June 2018: 8.30 am – 12.30 pm BST (1 Birdcage Walk, London, SW1H 9JJ) :

      APS launch of the first ever sales enablement group, globally focused on providing best practice for practitioners seeking insight from peers and professionals in the role.

APS Sales Enablement & Development Community Event

The Association of Professional Sales is delighted to launch the first ever sales enablement group, globally focused on providing best practice for practitioners seeking insight from peers and professionals in the role.

There is a lot of external advice on how to define, develop and execute a sales enablement strategy, but to really understand it you have to be in the role or focused on it as part of your sales leadership role.

Join the co-chairs of the APS Sales Enablement Group to uncover, how to define sales enablement in your company, define the destination, understand how to get started, or how to move forwards from where you are towards world class.

Craig Spencer, Head of Sales Enablement – Neopost and Robert Racine, VP Global Sales Enablement – Wipro, will invite speakers and have group panel discussions to enable you to leave, safe in the knowledge that wherever you are on your journey you will have a clearer idea on where to focus next, what to stop, what to do more of, who to work into your plans and how to manage the development of the sales enablement plan in line with corporate sales goals.

More and more corporate organisations are setting up sales enablement functions to assist the sales function and implement strategy.  The APS is delighted to be offering this half-day conference to members to understand more about this function and how it adds value.

Full agenda and additional speakers to follow, session 1 confirmed below.

Target Audience

Sales Managers, Sales Enablement, L&D Managers/Director, Academy leads – approx. 150 delegates

Cost – FOC APS Members. £99 + vat for non-members (limited spaces available, please contact Jennie Harnaman at jennie.harnaman@the-aps.com).

This is open to specific invites and those holding sales enablement roles in companies and the event is open to non members of the APS for this instance only.

Session 1 – Steve Knapp, Former General Manager of Sales Enablement in Shell International Sales Ambassador & Corporate Director APS
We need our Sales team to sell more!

Companies spend somewhere between 5% and 15% of revenue on their Sales Professionals and, if you really want to focus on growth, this is around 20% of revenue. How business leaders use that investment makes a huge difference on both top-line growth and the bottom-line. Therefore getting it right is super important.

We need our Sales team to sell more!”

Have you heard these words in the office corridors or boardrooms of your company? I have on many occasions and it frustrates me as I’ve not met a Sales professional who tries to sell less or close less deals.

The solution to the “we need to sell more!” statement is often marketed in the claims of sales technology solutions and made by sales trainers. But in reality the solution is ensuring your company has the right sales behaviours, effective sales professionals and nimble sales processes.

The recipe to success is to focus on this order of priority behaviours, processes and tools. And here’s the surprise, it’s not just the sales team. The whole business must get on board!

During this discussion Steve will share his experience on how his sales enablement journey contributed to Shell Internationals Lubricants business holding a market leading position over the last decade.

You will take away:

  • A practitioner’s view on the tips for a successful sales enablement program.
  • An appreciation on how necessary senior leadership commitment is to deliver a successful sales enablement program.
  • How to gain traction with those “sticky” middle managers who just suck up energy.

About Steve: As General Manager of Sales Enablement in Shell International, Steve was responsible for designing, implementing and embedding a sales enablement across 45 countries, spanning 2,500 sales professionals and 250 sales managers. Steve brings over 30 years of B2B Sales experience. Combing front line sales, sales management and sales leadership positions.

Session 2 – Alison Matthias, Sales Ambassador & Corporate Director APS / Director Equal 2 Ltd
Why we need to re-think sales training if sales enablement is to create lasting behaviour change

Alison Matthias, Sales Ambassador & Corporate Director APS / Director Equal 2 Ltd

48% of buyers researched admitted to making purchasing decisions based on the behaviours of the sales person over product feature or even price.

The challenge is that behavioural habits are unique to the individual,  predominantly unconscious and influenced by heavily by culture.  So if any sales enablement programme is to do more than manage a generic process, it has to recognise the needs of each individual, their blockers, the way they personally need to be managed and the business culture they exits sits in.

In any role that requires influence at its core (new business, negotiation, consultancy, presenting, pitching managing teams etc) it is not enough to just impart knowledge and skill set information to our teams and then measure results.  Education and training is important but it is not enough to bring about lasting change in the area that will make the biggest difference to sales – behavioural habit.

During this discussion Alison will explore the key challenges  any organisation faces (regardless of size) to ensure that both skills and behaviours of the sales team can be understood, developed and sustained as part of an overall sales enablement programme. She will draw on experience of working with a range of different top UK brands to unlock the principles of ‘people led’ sales enablement that can make the difference to your sales enablement success.

You will walk away with:

  • Understanding of where the gaps for behavioural change may be in your sales enablement programme
  • Ability to avoid spending time and money on training that doesn’t bring about real change
  • The key principles for keeping sales behavioural improvement at the centre of your programme.

About Alison:  As Head of Sales Academy at CPM UK, Europe’s largest field marketing agency, Alison Matthias has been responsible for consulting and developing sales and management programmes for over a thousand blue chip field and contact centre sales people internationally.  Alison’s passion for tracking ROI and creating meaningful and lasting behavioural change led her to make a difference in and bring her experience to the association.

With over 15 years experience in sales management and training, Alison has spent time researching and developing innovative techniques that stand the test of today’s challenging, changing workplace. As an Insights Discovery, MBTI practitioner, qualified coach and student of neuroscience Alison has teamed up with academics in communication and corporate stewardship to build research led ideas for sales enablement programmes across sectors.

Session 3 – Ben Turner, co-CEO, APS
Apprenticeships and Sales Qualifications – Why structured learning is assisting with Reward, Recruitment and Retention strategies

Ben has been working with internal sales academies, internal sales L&D functions, sales training organisations and government in the pursuit of excellence in sales learning and development. What we have learned is the benefit of having formalised learning with a reward attached to increase engagement with programs and make the change in behavior required to be successful.

The session will explore what is happening in the world of government that is allowing different ways in which these programs can be mapped and contextualised into internal language and process to give the best opportunity for the sales professionals in your business.

Three key takeaways:

  • The impact of structured learning
  • Why there must be a reward for the sales professional
  • The ways in which this can be done

About Ben: Ben Turner is co-CEO and founder of the Association of Professional Sales. Ben has been a sales professional, sales manager and sales director in organisations across varying verticals over his career. He is now heavily engaged with government around the sales profession and how education can assist in the development of the profession as a whole.

Ben has led the successful execution of the first Degree Apprenticeship in Sales, allowing for the £340m that UK Sales professionals pay into the levy, to be utilised for their benefit.

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Craig Spencer
Head of Sales Enablement – Neopost

Robert Racine
VP Global Sales Enablement – Wipro

Steve Knapp
Ambassador & Corporate Director APS

Alison Matthias,
Sales Ambassador & Corporate Director APS / Director Equal 2 Ltd

Ben Turner

Ben Turner,