16 May 2019: 8.30 am – 12.30 pm BST (One Birdcage Walk, London, SW1H 9JJ) :

Topics :

  • Leading the Change: Updating the voice and culture of an established sales team
  • Key aspects of being a frontline sales manager
  • Comfort zone or trouble zone?
  • The Future of the Sales Manager:  The impact on you and your customers
  • The Future of Pipeline Management

Driving Sales Performance – APS half-day conference

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This conference, organised by the Association of Professional Sales, provides sales professionals, sales operations, sales managers and sales enablement leaders with strategic insight and best practices that drive improved sales performance. Speakers at this event are a mix of sales management and leadership experts and this will be a fantastic opportunity to network with like-minded colleagues.

Full details on speakers and content for each session is below.


8.30 Registration, coffee & networking
9.15 Welcome from the APS
Tony Boniface, Ecommerce Desk Sales Manager, Royal Mail
Leading the Change: Updating the voice and culture of an established sales team

Enrico Bonatti, Senior Vice President Strategy & Sales Operations, Tata Communications
Key aspects of being a frontline sales manager

Adrian Barnwell, Sales Coaching Leader for Europe, MEA and Latin America, IBM Services
Comfort zone or trouble zone?

10.50- 11.20 Coffee & Networking
Cathy Ward, Global Chief Operating Officer, SAP Innovation Services
The Future of Sales Manager:  The impact on you and your customers

Nicci Take, CEO, m62|vincis
The Future of Pipeline Management

12.30 Close

Event Host – Penny Haslam

Penny started her career at the BBC as a secretary, working her way up to become a senior business journalist and producer on BBC Radio. She was invited to present on the flagship investigative news programme Panorama in 2010 and 2011, and from there became BBC Breakfast’s business news reporter. She was also a regular business presenter on the News Channel and Radio 5 Live. Penny is a TEDx speaker on the Power of Visibility and was awarded Speaker of the Year 2016 by her professional body, the PSA. In 2017 she was listed as a ‘Northern Power Woman’.

Leading the Change: Updating the voice and culture of an established sales team
Tony Boniface, Ecommerce Desk Sales Manager, Royal Mail

In a world of social media, online reviews and a customer used to on demand, the importance of your customer facing people has grown. In the exploding and highly demanding world of e-commerce, how do you prepare a sales team to move with it? How do you introduce a new way of thinking when the sales team are not new to the role and have already been working with these customers for a number of years?

Key Takeaways:

  • Why nobody wants to talk about your product.
  • Why your front line sales people can be your biggest brand asset.
  • Why your sales managers ultimate aim is to become redundant.

About the presenter:  Tony Boniface
Tony leads the Bristol sales centre for Royal Mail, who delivers 1.6 billion parcels a year and are the UK’s most trusted letters and parcels delivery company. His background covers sales leadership for BT, a number digital marketing agencies and he has experience in almost every discipline of e-commerce. Key aspects of being a frontline sales manager

Key aspects of being a frontline sales manager
Enrico Bonatti, Senior Vice President Strategy & Sales Operations, Tata Communications

This session is about modern sales management and the actual gap between CXO’s expectations and the reality a sales manager has to deal with daily across a vast range of core accountabilities. Delegates will get the chance to hear in practical terms how to close this gap across 3 dimensions: Managing the present, Create the Future and Nurture sales teams’ identity. Focus of this session is mainly B-to-B while most of the content remains relevant for B-to-C Sales Managers.

About the presenter: Enrico Bonatti
Enrico Bonatti is responsible for Tata Communications Sales Strategies and Operations at Global level, he has joined the role 14 months ago coming from Microsoft where over his 20+ years tenure he held several Sales & Marketing roles.  Prior to joining Microsoft on October 1995 Enrico was a Senior Consultant at Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) responsible for large-scale Enterprise IT projects for consumer goods and retail customers.  He holds a Master in Science in Management & Information Systems from Milan Polytechnic

The Future Sales Manager: The impact on you and your customers
Cathy Ward, Global Chief Operating Officer, SAP Innovation Services, SAP 

Imagine it is the year 2030, what will your future sales team look like and how will they expect to be managed, compensated and motivated? Who are the future decision makers and how will you excite and engage your customers to maximise their business outcomes? Could forecasting be a thing of the past as intelligent technologies such as ML and AI are embedded into sales reporting and business operations, enabling more time to focus on the customer? Join Cathy Ward, Global COO of SAP Innovation Services, for an interactive session which will explore the role of tomorrow’s sales manager focusing on people development across generations, the experience economy and insight-driven operations to drive high performance.

Key Takeaways:

  • An understanding of the sales manager’s role in developing your sales team and different approaches to engage cross-generation.
  • A services-led approach to engaging your customer focusing on their business outcomes.
  • Using intelligent technologies to create a more predictable and successful business.

About the presenter:  Cathy Ward
Cathy is the COO for SAP’s digital innovation services business globally, helping companies create and maximise business value through the use of intelligent technologies such as IoT, machine learning, AI, blockchain and predictive analytics.

She has significant experience driving sales transformation and change programmes and previously led SAP’s global deal execution process simplification and standardisation as well as Chief Operating Operator living and working in APJ’s largest Market Unit in Japan, to bring the MU back to growth and awarded MU of the Year in 2017

Comfort zone or trouble zone?
Adrian Barnwell, IBM Services Sales Coaching Leader for Europe, MEA and Latin America

The title for this session draws on a quote from Ric Charlesworth, one of Australia’s finest hockey players and coaches (and later on, politicians). He said ‘the interesting thing about coaching is that you have to trouble the comfortable and comfort the troubled’.

As another former hockey player and coach (although definitely not Olympic standard like Ric), I can certainly relate to that perspective! We’ve seen many comparisons of success drivers and winning attributes between sport and business. So how do the highest standards of sports coaching apply to sales?

Winning sales people and sales organisations, like winning sports people and teams, consistently do some very basic things better than their competitors. This session will examine how coaching helps make sales winners better than the rest.

Key Takeaways:

  • The role of the coach
  • Structured approaches to coaching
  • Creating a coaching culture.

About the presenter:  Andrew Barnwell
Adrian Barnwell is IBM Services Sales Coaching Leader for Europe, MEA and Latin America. He has extensive experience in account management, business development and strategy leadership roles. His coaching experience started in sport and transferred to business.

The Future of Pipeline ManagementSales pipelines are like Bowels: without regular movement they end up full of…
Nicci Take CEO m62|vincis Ltd “Winning is everything!”

Sales effectiveness businesses have a vested interest in making the “Sales Process” comprehensive and therefore complex, so that they can charge for their IP and not be accountable if it fails to deliver improvement. Your team should be winning 75% of their deals; less and your sales system is flawed, more and you are too cheap.

And yet every sales person knows that in reality sales is simple: focus on the right things and pipelines will flow. The solution to poor conversion rates isn’t more or better qualified leads or a more complex sales approach, it is simplicity, accountability and support.

Key Takeaways:

  • A simple sales system with free IP
  • KPI’s for success
  • A coaching model for success

About the presenter:  Nicci Take
Nicci has spent 25 years as a deal coach, winning over 75% of the deals she has worked on. Her clients are from every sector and every geography and all boast ¾ win rates. IT, Construction, Healthcare, Outsourcing, Financial Services, Europe, Asia and the US mostly for Fortune 100 clients, she has coached winning deals for most of today’s presenter’s business; IBM, SAP and Royal Mail are all clients.

She is Proudly one of the Financial Times 100 HERoes Champions of Women in Business 2018 and one of their 100 Leading LGBT+ Executives 2017

She’s also a stand-up-comic with 2 sell out Edinburgh Fringe shows under her mini skirt!

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Penny Haslam
Conference Host

Tony Boniface
Ecommerce Desk Sales Manager, Royal Mail

Enrico Bonatti
Sr. VP Sales Strategy & Operations, Tata Communications

Cathy Ward
Global COO, SAP Innovation Services, SAP

Adrian Barnwell
IBM Services Sales Coaching Leader

Nicci Take
CEO, m62|vincis

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