21 March 2019: 9.00 am – 12.30 pm GMT (Schlumberger Plc, Schlumberger House, 62 Buckingham Gate, London   SW1E 6AJ) :

     Topics : 

  • Sales Enablement v Sales Operations.
  • The Role, or not, of Personality in Sales.
  • Diversity.
  • Sales & Marketing Fusion.

Target Audience:  All appropriate levels


09:00 Registration, Tea/Coffee & Networking
09:30 Welcome from the APS
Malcolm Johnston – Sales Leader – Productivity, Whitbread: Sales Operations vs Sales Enablement
Jason Langford-Brown, Head of Europe & Sales Scientist, Sales Shift Global: The Role, or not, of Personality in Sales
10:40 Coffee break & Networking
Ben Dorks, CEO, Ideagen PLC:  Sales & Marketing Fusion
Q&A – Peer to Peer session
12:30 Close

Session 1 : presented by Malcolm Johnston – Sales Leader – Productivity, Whitbread :

Empowering Sales: maximising effective collaboration in operations and enablement

The focus of this session is sales operations vs sales enablement – do they fit together and, if so, in which ways? As well as covering the scope and tasks of a sales operations team, I will outline sales enablement and its processes.  I will then build on these basics by introducing the elements necessary to create a successful team in each of these areas. I will talk about some of the processes required to ensure both groups work effectively and how their output should be aligned in order to achieve an overarching objective.  I will end the session with a brief conclusion aimed at giving you a clear picture to take away.

Key takeaways:

  • What is Sales Operations?
  • Understanding Sales Enablement.
  • How Sales Operations and Sales Enablement Should Work Together.

About the presenter:  Malcolm Johnston – Sales Leader – Productivity, Whitbread

Malcolm is a practitioner with over 25 years’ experience in the field of process improvement.

His interest in this area was initially triggered in the late 80’s following US-based training to understand and implement a computer system throughout the UK.  Malcolm’s current focus and responsibilities lie in productivity improvements and data-driven decision-making.

Session 2 : presented by Jason Langford-Brown, Head of Europe & Sales Scientist, Sales Shift Global :

The Role, or not, of Personality in Sales

In this challenging and interactive session we will explore the role of personality in sales and in fact whether it has one at all. We will also explore what is the total make-up of an individual and more importantly how we can uncover it to realise potential and manage more effectively.

We know that the mind-set of sales people is often the biggest barrier to success and this session will help you to start to get under the skin of this issue and the challenge of building higher Emotional Intelligence in your people.

Key takeaways:

  • Is personality a good indicator of sales performance?
  • How do I understand the make-up of my sales people?
  • What really motivates them and what doesn’t?

About the presenter:  Jason Langford-Brown, Head of Europe & Sales Scientist, Sales Shift Global

Jason Langford-Brown is the Head of Europe & Sales Scientist for Sales Shift, a global Sales Performance company working with a wide range of organisations including Medium to Large SME’s and Corporates. Sales Shift specialise in Building High Performing Sales Environments, unlocking Sales Potential and ultimately delivering Behavioural Change. www.sales-shift.com

Before Sales Shift, Jason was a board level leader with an impressive range of experiences from entrepreneurial start-ups to being a Director of a FTSE 250 Corporate. He has a strong commercial and strategic development background and has been responsible for delivering profitable growth and high performing teams to numerous organisations.

Jason is now an award winning Strategic Business Advisor with extensive experience of helping leaders, plan, execute and ultimately deliver on their business challenges. His success has led him to being awarded Fellowships of both the Institute of Leadership and Management (InstLM) and the Association of Sales Professionals (F.APS).

Session 4 : presented by Ben Dorks, CEO, Ideagen PLC :

Sales and Marketing Fusion

This session will focus on how to create a people, process, performance culture which fuses both the sales and marketing teams and delivers results! The aim will be to provide you with insightful ideas on how to focus, align, measure and motivate both teams while delivering performance improvements.

Key takeaways:

  • Hopefully a little black book of real world good (and bad) ideas which can make a difference to your teams and deliver improved motivation, performance and alignment between the two traditional enemies!

About the presenter:  Ben Dorks, CEO, Ideagen PLC

Ben Dorks is Chief Executive of Ideagen PLC, one of the UK’s fastest growing global software organisations with over 500 employees. He is one of the new wave of CEOs that have come through from a sales background. At Ideagen he has a sales and marketing team of 100+ and has set up a leading sales excellence academy. He has over 15 years management experience helping companies fast-track their growth strategy and has also started and exited his own business.

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Malcolm Johnston

Jason Langford-Brown
Sales Shift Global

Ben Dorks
Ideagen PLC

Gilles Acogny
Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Acosphere Ltd

Andrew Hough
Co-CEO, Association of Professional Sales (APS)