19 September 2019: (SKF, Stoneywood Park, Dyce, Aberdeen  AB21 7DZ) :

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Target Audience:  All APS Membership Levels

Speaker 1 Topic:  Maintaining consistently high sales levels win, lose or draw
Presented by Anna Mackenzie: Commercial Manager, Aberdeen Football Club

At Aberdeen Football Club we have the eyes of 100,000 football fans on us, each one with a valid opinion on the decisions we make as a club; this could be anything from player signings to the colour of the new goalkeeping away strip.  The ‘’brand’’ of Aberdeen Football Club is personal and means different things to each fan.  The sales team at Pittodrie have learned to understand this passion, for which a thick skin is often required, showing empathy and sensitivity while representing the key values of our brand.  It is hugely important for Aberdeen FC to recruit the right personality types, particularly in sales where we travel much further afield than the city of Aberdeen representing the club.  Regardless of what happens on the park, the sales team need to sell the soul spirit and tradition associated with the club and its fans through good and bad times.  Recently having launched a women’s team, the historically male environment of Pittodrie stadium is now richly diverse both on and off the park, with a predominately female sales team selling what was once called a ‘’man’s game’’.

Key takeaways:

  • Psychology in sales.
  • Selling as a woman in a traditionally male environment.
  • The importance of having a sales team you trust to represent a particularly emotive brand.

About the presenter:

Anna is the Commercial Manager for Aberdeen Football club and has a team of 7 reporting directly to her responsible for selling hospitality, sponsorship, advertising, events and BOA (By Official Appointment).  Passionate about equality and the importance culture and brand values play in successful sales, Anna has experience in both B2B and B2C sales both at Aberdeen FC and her previous role at AECC (Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre) where she worked for 10 years in various roles including exhibitions, large banquets and events and latterly concerts and shows.


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Anna Mackenzie
Commercial Manager, Aberdeen Football Club