20 September 2019:  APS Talk (Dakar) from 8.30 am to 1.00 pm local time:  How to be the organisaton your customer never wants to leave – unconventional engagement strategies that will set you apart from your competition

APS Africa Live Event at COFINA

This event is for APS Members only

How to be the organisation your customer never wants to  leave

Unconventional engagement strategies that will set you  apart from your competition

Key Outcomes:

● Understand the one psychological principle that impacts all customer perception.
● Know how to prevent internal sabotage of your customer engagement so you can increase your customer retention results.
● Learn how to get every customer to buy, talk and recommend you more by shifting one practice in your business

About the presenter, Jermain Edwards, Director Irreplaceable Advisory Group Ltd : jedwards@jermaineedwards.com    +44(0) 7884 070 968  www.jermaineedwards.com
Jermaine Edwards is a multi business owner with 10 years in sales, sales leadership and customer growth management. He is an Inc magazine featured customer growth author who has personally trained and delivered talks to over 4000 sales leaders, executives and key account professionals. With a degree in German and Economics, and impending masters in behavioural psychology. Jermaine is invited by companies around the world like Gartner, Dell Technologies, London Business School and GE to help create unique customer growth and loyalty strategies which make them irreplaceable in their market space. Since 2014 Jermaine has helped his clients uncover more than $250 million in new and undiscovered existing customer sales. Currently sits as chairman on the board of one the fastest growing Africa investment companies and is a partner in a US commercial property development company Which he helped grow from 4-10 million in three years.

To register for this event, please contact Selbe Faye Lo, tel: 78 633 93 85

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Jermain Edwards
Director Irreplaceable Advisory Group Ltd