14 November 2019: 9.00 am – 12.00 noon GMT (Schlumberger Plc, Schlumberger House, 62 Buckingham Gate, London   SW1E 6AJ) :

1.  Shiny Balls & Why Sales Leaders Need to Grow a Pair.  2.  The Future of Sales Manager:  The impact on you and your customers.  3. Reducing work related stress in sales / Improving mental health in sales.

Target Audience:  All appropriate levels



09:00 Registration, Tea/Coffee & Networking
09:30 Welcome from the APS
Shiny Balls & Why Sales Leaders Need to Grow a Pair: 
Neil Whitelock & Jason Watson – Strategy to Revenue
The Future of Sales Manager:  The impact on you and your customers
Cathy Ward, Global Head of Go-to-Market and Transformation Innovation Services and Solutions, SAP
10:45 Coffee break & Networking
Reducing work related stress in sales / Improving mental health in sales
Ollie Sharpe & Angie Vaux (SalesLoft & OutsideIN Performance)
Q&A – Peer to Peer session
12:00 Close


Shiny Balls & Why Sales Leaders Need to Grow a Pair: 
Neil Whitelock is VP Sales, Strategy to Revenue & Jason Watson, Strategy to Revenue

The sales enablement platform market will be worth $2.6 billion by 2024. Yet, just 55 percent of salespeople today hit their quota. Somethings not working! This session will shine a light on the sales enablement software market for sales leaders and their sales enablement partners. You’ll leave the session with an understanding of:

  • If sales enablement software is right for you.
  • How to deliver an ROI quickly.
  • How to avoid falling for The Emperor’s New Cloths.

About the presenters:
Neil Whitelock
is VP Sales, Strategy to Revenue the award-winning sales enablement consultancy. Neil is a highly successful business-leader with a proven track-record in building businesses, orchestrating business transformations, and driving sales-growth. He is experienced at re-structuring organizations in response to changing market dynamics and payment models including, and running successful alliance and partner programmes globally. Neil will be joined by Jason Watson former Director of Sales Enablement and Sales Training at Refinitiv, formerly the Financial & Risk business of Thomson Reuters.


The Future Sales Manager: The impact on you and your customers
Global Head of Go-to-Market and Transformation Innovation Services and Solutions, SAP

Imagine it is the year 2030, what will your future sales team look like and how will they expect to be managed, compensated and motivated? Who are the future decision makers and how will you excite and engage your customers to maximise their business outcomes? Could forecasting be a thing of the past as intelligent technologies such as ML and AI are embedded into sales reporting and business operations, enabling more time to focus on the customer? Join Cathy Ward, Global COO of SAP Innovation Services, for an interactive session which will explore the role of tomorrow’s sales manager focusing on people development across generations, the experience economy and insight-driven operations to drive high performance.

Key Takeaways:

  • An understanding of the sales manager’s role in developing your sales team and different approaches to engage cross-generation.
  • A services-led approach to engaging your customer focusing on their business outcomes.
  • Using intelligent technologies to create a more predictable and successful business.

About the presenter:  Cathy Ward
Cathy is the COO for SAP’s digital innovation services business globally, helping companies create and maximise business value through the use of intelligent technologies such as IoT, machine learning, AI, blockchain and predictive analytics.

She has significant experience driving sales transformation and change programmes and previously led SAP’s global deal execution process simplification and standardisation as well as Chief Operating Operator living and working in APJ’s largest Market Unit in Japan, to bring the MU back to growth and awarded MU of the Year in 2017


Reducing work related stress in sales / Improving mental health in sales
Ollie Sharpe, VP of Revenue, EMEA – SalesLoft & Angie Vaux CEO & Founder, OutsideIN Performance

The importance of mental health, what we can do about it as leaders and professionals and the benefits of doing so.  Ollie Sharpe will be joined by Angie Vaux, Founder & CEO of OutsideIN Performance, who offers Mindfulness and Executive coaching to enhance personal and professional performance.  In the sales environment in the UK a high number of people suffer from stress and anxiety and face mental health issues. If we stand back and watch, this will only get worse!  We will be looking into the natural pressures and workload of sales professionals and how we can look after ourselves and understand the problem in more detail as well as the actual causes.

About the presenter – Ollie Sharpe, VP of Revenue, EMEA at SalesLoft
Ollie Sharpe has an extensive leadership background in the technology space. He is known for developing high-performing sales teams with a strong focus on fostering talent. Ollie is currently the VP of Revenue, EMEA at SalesLoft, following a tenure leading successful teams at LinkedIn in the UK. Having built and implemented global go-to-market sales and business narratives and methodologies, he has established proven techniques for generating and increasing revenue. Ollie is passionate about the art and science of sales, delivering exceptional customer experiences, and shaping culture in hyper-growth businesses. His record of success in disruptive technology environments has confirmed Ollie as an expert in B2B sales strategy.

About the presenter – Angie Vaux, CEO and founder, OutsideIN Performance
Angie specialises in helping professionals optimise their performance and mental wellbeing through mindfulness and executive coaching. Prior to setting up OutsideIN Performance, Angie has spent more than 20 years building and leading high performing sales and marketing organisations for multinational technology companies around the world, including SAP and TripAdvisor.

Mindfulness has been an integral part of her success, enabling her to lead and engage effectively, stay calm and focused, and ultimately manage the pressures of leading sales teams to consistently excel and deliver a great customer experience.

Now she brings together her sales leadership experience with her 15 years of mindfulness and yoga teaching to help organisations and individuals maximise their performance and mental wellbeing by living and working mindfully.


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Neil Whitelock
VP of Sales – Strategy to Revenue

Jason Watson
Head of Sales Enablement Practice & Applications, Strategy to Revenue

Cathy Ward
Global Head of Go-to-Market and Transformation Innovation Services and Solutions, SAP

Ollie Sharpe
VP of Revenue, EMEA – SalesLoft

Angie Vaux
CEO & Founder, OutsideIN Performance