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Synopsis:  In 2018, The Institute of Leadership & Management is launching The Dimensions of Leadership Webinar Series, 49 webinars based on five dimensions of great leadership: Ownership, Achievement, Collaboration and Vision, with Authenticity at its heart.  The second dimension in this amazing series is Vision (there are eight free 30 minute webinars as detailed below):

“Visionary leaders are forward looking so spot and create opportunities, they understand the process of change and inspire others to co-create the future.”

Each webinar is FREE to join and lasts 30 minutes, making leadership development accessible for everyone.

To book, scroll down and click on the appropriate registration button:

Vision: Innovating – 7 March, 12:30 – 13:00

Speaker: Tyler Calder, Chief Marketing Officer, Yulio Technologies
Visionary leaders recognise and nurture technological and other innovations. Most organisations need to adapt constantly to an ever changing environment and differing customer needs.To ensure their survival and growth, organisations need to exploit new opportunities by nurturing innovation.

Vision: Enterprise – 7 March, 17:00 – 17:30

Speaker: Nooreen Jafferkhan, Founder and Owner of Fete Lounge
Visionary leaders have an entrepreneurial mindset. ‘Enterprise means more than just the ability to become an entrepreneur. It is that quality that gives an individual a positive outlook, an ability to see the glass
as half full rather than half empty, and is a valuable attribute for the whole of life.’ (Lord Young, former government adviser on small business and enterprise)