10 December 2019: 9.00 – 9.45 am GMT:

Key takeaways:  Understand the style of leadership (transactional, transformational or laissez-faire).  What impact leadership has on performance.  Leadership tools that drive performance matrix.

Target audience:  All member levels

Peak performance leadership, optimising your sales team performance

This session will share critical insights about leadership, and how leadership is one of the most vital components in driving sales. There is a real challenge today with driving salespeople and delivering performance, the style of the leadership, inherent qualities and competencies, and behavior of the leader will often shape the team. We will explore: what style of leadership do you have, how does this impact on your team, do you possess a growth or fixed mindset, what’s your level of emotional intelligence, the leader as the coach / Mentor, understanding the merits of quantitative and qualitative leadership (KPIs & Coaching).

Key takeaways:

  • Understand the style of leadership (transactional, transformational or laissez-faire).
  • What impact leadership has on performance.
  • Leadership tools that drive performance matrix.

About the presenter, Dr Carlton Brown
Dr Carlton Brown is known as a thought leader and creative thinker, speaker on sales and Author (sales peak performance). He has a corporate background of the leading sales team for FTSE 100/250 Businesses within the UK, he is a consultant who advises and helps develop strategies on sales performance within different demographic and geographic industries, supporting them to shape their sales strategies. Carlton is a Fellow of the Association of Professional Sales (APS), member of the Professional Speakers Association (PSA), an Executive board member of the Association of Business Mentors, (ABM) and a keynote speaker and facilitator. He holds a MBA in business and a PhD which focused on studying professional salespeople and their performance.


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Dr Carlton Brown (F.APS)
Aspire Consultancy

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