21 August 2019: 9.00 – 9.45 am BST :

The importance of mental health, what we can do about it as leaders and professionals and the benefits of doing so.

Target audience:  All member levels

Reducing work related stress in sales / Improving mental health in sales

The importance of mental health, what we can do about it as leaders and professionals and the benefits of doing so.

Ollis Sharpe will be joined by Angie Vaux, Founder & CEO of OutsideIN Performance, who offers Mindfulness and Executive coaching to enhance personal and professional performance.

In the sales environment in the UK a high number of people suffer from stress and anxiety and face mental health issues. If we stand back and watch, this will only get worse! There are 2 key areas that we will look into in this webinar – culture and leadership, and the natural pressures and workload of sales. We will be discussing research that has been undertaken to understand the problem in more detail as well as the actual causes and what we can do to help prevent further issues. We will cover inclusion and belonging, leadership expectations and being human, and endurance toughness.

About the presenter – Ollie Sharpe, VP of Revenue, EMEA at SalesLoft
Ollie Sharpe has an extensive leadership background in the technology space. He is known for developing high-performing sales teams with a strong focus on fostering talent. Ollie is currently the VP of Revenue, EMEA at SalesLoft, following a tenure leading successful teams at LinkedIn in the UK. Having built and implemented global go-to-market sales and business narratives and methodologies, he has established proven techniques for generating and increasing revenue. Ollie is passionate about the art and science of sales, delivering exceptional customer experiences, and shaping culture in hyper-growth businesses. His record of success in disruptive technology environments has confirmed Ollie as an expert in B2B sales strategy.

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Ollie Sharpe
VP of Revenue, EMEA – SalesLoft

Angie Vaux
Founder & CEO, OutsideIN Performance

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