Talk to us about our APS Accredited Sales Academy proposition and understanding the new world of Sales Apprenticeships

The APS is the only independent organisation who understands the needs of global sales organisations and can therefore assess sellers across providers, companies, and countries.

Why do I want my sales professionals to be Qualified?

Salespeople are crying out to be recognised and valued. They don’t just want to be judged by their ‘number’. They may meet their target every month, but for professional, skilled sellers that is not enough.

As they develop into expert sellers, they will have the knowledge and talent to build strong, sustainable relationships with their clients. In a tough global marketplace, the thing that matters most is how you stand out from your competitors. Where what you sell is not enough, but how you sell is everything.

APS Qualifications and Apprenticeships allow sellers to constantly adapt to change with new skills and education recognised both internally and by their customers who know they are dealing with a professional personal who will act with integrity. This identifies sellers who customers can trust.

  • 81% of sales professionals want to be valued and invested in*
  • Learners appreciate sales qualifications because they are an externally validated seal of their quality
  • Qualified salespeople have the ability to sell more and, therefore, often earn more

What do Employers get out from Qualified Sales Professionals?

For their companies, having experienced, qualified sellers independently verified by the Association of Professional Sales means they will deliver in the four key areas that build business: Recruitment, Retention, Relationships and Revenue.

This helps sales leaders to:

  • Recruit the best talent
  • Retain top performers and their accounts
  • Develop relationships based on ethics and professionalism
  • Bring in more revenue

A rise in revenue is the main indicator of a successful sales operation. Numerous APS members tell us that their membership has helped them to increase their profitable revenue.
Speak to us about the Apprenticeship landscape and how to navigate this, but also about how we can accredit your existing learning and development programs with our APS Accredited Sales Academy offering.

However, Qualifications and Apprenticeships are just the start of any sellers learning journey…

Long-term performance enhancement for the sales profession

 The customers that we speak to are finding solutions to how they support those who will not be eligible for levy funding and how to support employees when they have finished their apprenticeship.

Our customers understand that for an apprenticeship to be truly valuable, the ongoing training, learning and CPD are essential. This is especially true when CPD can be delivered cost effectively and with the ability to share ideas and understanding from peers outside your own organisation.

Dell evidence shows sellers who develop themselves sell 100% more on average

Selling a broader benefit outside an Education and Accreditation agenda

The APS add value by assisting with recruiting better sales professionals through investing in externally validated training and ongoing learning initiatives. Retaining employees and therefore accounts through accessing new learning and developing opportunities that help keep sellers relevant. Employees are also able to get nationally recognised sales qualifications for those ineligible for levy funding. Increasing revenue opportunities by moving customer conversations towards shared values of ethics and professionalism

Click here to see the impact of membership to the performance of Oracle

The APS and Apprenticeships

The Association of Professional Sales is proud to have been the first organization to set up a trailblazer for those who work in sales. With the support of our corporate members and academic partners we have now successfully developed a Level 6 B2B Sales Professional Degree Apprenticeship and a Level 4 Sales Executive Apprenticeship.

The APS is the only independent organisation who understands the needs of global sales organisations and can therefore assess sellers across providers, companies, and countries.

As an established professional body and awarding organisation, we use the expertise of our members and our academic board to ensure we have a robust Quality Management System (QMS). This ensures that every apprentice receives high quality assessment and Quality Assurance that has their best interests at heart

Our Quality Management System (QMS) is regularly monitored, reviewed, quality assured and approved by government, the Institute for Apprenticeships (IfA) and our own academic board, to ensure rigour and fairness is applied to every learner.

EMEA and Worldwide Sales Organisations

The Association of Professional Sales also runs its own sales qualifications that are aligned to the apprenticeship, employers who have sales professionals outside of England are able to have all sales professionals recognised by the APS and receive sales qualifications, the only difference being that the English learners will be funded from the levy.

We look forward to speaking with you further about globally qualified sales organisations.