APS announces new advisory programme for sales leaders

Mike Hurley, head of the APS advisory programme

4 March, 2019

The way your customers buy has changed dramatically over recent years and keeping pace can be tough.

The digital revolution with its focus on big data and artificial intelligence is just one part of the shifting landscape, but even though customers’ expectations have moved on, salespeople are still integral to the B2B buying process.

To guide you through the new-look marketplace, the Association of Professional Sales (APS) has launched an advisory programme to help our members fine-tune the way they sell.

We analyse, not only sales processes but the different mindset that is often required in sales organisations to keep pace with customers’ needs. The way you cope with today’s changing business demands is key to how you increase revenue for your organisation and for your customers.

APS Fellow, Mike Hurley, who runs our advisory programme says: “The APS is best suited to help our membership and customers because we are completely independent. We are a not-for-profit organisation and will unpick difficult issues in an impartial way to focus on what is necessary to improve the selling power of our members.

“Customers’ needs are changing, but so are sellers. We have a new generation of salespeople that require a different approach, different methodologies and different understanding.

“It is strange for a salesperson like myself to say this, but we are not selling you an outcome. Instead, our approach is focused on understanding and insight; we are offering you a set of disciplines that will analyse how you should structure your sales organisation for the best performance.”

Click here for video: Mike explains the APS advisory programme and invites members to get in touch 

If you feel your sales organisation is struggling in a dynamic marketplace, contact Mike Hurley for more details.

About the APS

The Association of Professional Sales is the leading authority for salespeople, a not-for-profit organisation reinvesting in the sales profession to build standards, trust and education. The APS is engaged with MPs to promote ethical, professional selling across UK businesses and has worked with the government, business leaders and academics to establish sales apprenticeships up to degree and master’s level. We are also campaigning for chartered status to give skilled, ethical salespeople the same recognition as other professions like accountants, architects, and engineers.

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