APS membership is for those who sell for a living and are interested in joining an organisation that takes pride in how we conduct ourselves and the value we deliver to our customers and clients. As a member of the Association of Professional Sales you will exhibit integrity, credibility and a genuine interest in helping your customers obtain the right products and services for their needs.  Did you know that your APS membership fee is tax deductible which could effectively provide you with up to 45% discount?

APS Membership Criteria

There are three routes to APS Membership, practical sales experience, academic credentials or a combination of the two, please see below table to understand this criteria.

Level Letters Practitioner Entry or  Academic Entry  Price
Fellow F.APS 10-15 years experience including 5+ years at a senior leadership level with portfolio of evidence Level 6 (Degree) qualification in sales + 3 years experience or Level 7 (Post Grad Degree) qualification in sales Fellow – £545 (+vat)
Adv. Member Adv.APS 5-10 years sales experience with portfolio of evidence Level 4 qualification in sales + 2 years experience or Level 6 qualification in sales Advanced Member – £345 (+vat)
Member M.APS 2 years sales experience Level 4 qualification Member – £195 (+vat)
Associate Member Assoc.APS None None Associate Member – £175 (+ vat)
Registered Sales Professional None None (please note this is not a full APS Membership) Pass the Professional Registration Assessment Registered Sales Professional – £55/2Yrs (+vat)

Choose membership level

Association of Professional Sales Membership Application Form

The Association of Professional Sales is GDPR compliant. By joining the APS you are opting-in to event invitations, sales content, thought leadership, Client Share information/invites and APS newsletter as part of your membership with the APS. We may contact you via post, email or telephone. To request to change any of your opt in requirements, please contact gdpr@the-aps.com

Next steps

  1. Complete & return the application form above with a URL to your LinkedIn profile for evaluation to determine which grade you are awarded criteria below (if you prefer you may send a current CV to membershipservices@the-aps.com)
  2. Your membership grade will be confirmed and invoice sent within 48 hours (grading and fees below)
  3. APS Membership Services reserves the right to contact any named reference
  4. You can make payment securely online using the below links to our online store.
  5. On receipt of payment you will be entitled to take advantage of APS benefits including:
  • The use of designatory letters after your name
  • Gain access to thought leadership content in the members area of the APS website, social channels and blogs – providing knowledge, research and insight
  • Receive invitation to take the APS Professional Registration exam
  • Participate in live networking opportunities, events and webinars