Mercuri International

Mercuri’s SALES+ Level 4 Sales Executive Apprenticeship programme has been created by sales experts to ensure your sales professionals have the knowledge, skills and behaviours to sell successfully and consistently. Funded by your Apprenticeship Levy contribution, it is ideal for both experienced and newly appointed sales staff. On completion of their 18 month learning journey your sales apprentices will have the confidence and competence to demonstrate sales mastery.

Why Mercuri?

  • 60 years track record of improving sales performance globally.
  • Access award winning commercial sales training via your Apprenticeship levy fund.
  • Delivery by experienced Mercuri sales professionals.
  • Sales expertise to align the Apprenticeship to your business requirements.
  • Recognized Mercuri sales concepts, methods and tools embedded within the Apprenticeship.
  • Proven diagnostic tools: Assess and identify specific development needs.
  • Quantify performance improvement.

Every Year

15,000 companies in 50 countries
18,000 Workshops
240,000 learners

For further information please: Call +44 (0) 330 9000 800 Email Visit Tweet @MercuriInt_UK .