Roll of Honour: The APS Awards 2015-16

September 2, 2016: A young organisation relies on its early supporters to help it get off the ground. The Association of Professional Sales has been blessed with the backing of numerous organisations and individuals, and at the 2016 annual conference CEO Andrew Hough presented awards to some of those who have given their faith, their time and their expertise to make the APS grow.

“These people and corporates took a chance,” said Hough.

“We want to recognise that, because it is all about you – by the profession, for the profession. The corporates here today absolutely deserve the recognition for standing up and saying, not only will we join but we will buy into the vision and we will contribute.”

APS conference 2016

  1. Royal Mail: APS Founding Corporate
  2. Graham P Davis, Royal Mail: Outstanding Contribution 2015-16
  3. Vodafone: APS Founding Corporate [collected by Umar Gill]
  4. Otema Yirenkyi, Vodafone: Outstanding Contribution 2015-16
  5. Worldpay: APS Founding Corporate
  6. Nigel MacKay, Worldpay: Outstanding Contribution 2015-16
  7. EY: APS Founding Corporate
  8. David Rutherford, EY: Outstanding Contribution 2015-16
  9. Michael Thompson, EY: Outstanding Contribution 2015-16
  10. Wipro: APS Founding Corporate [collected by Robert Racine]
  11. SAP: APS Founding Corporate [collected by Rainer Stern]
  12. IdeaGen plc: APS Founding Corporate [collected by Andrew McIntyre]
  13. Premier Inn: APS Founding Corporate
  14. SKF International: APS Founding Corporate [collected by Michael Crean]
  15. CPM: APS Founding Corporate [collected by Karen Jackson and Andy Buck]
  16. Guy Lloyd, Microsoft: Outstanding Contribution 2015-16
  17. Claire Edmunds, Clarify: Outstanding Contribution 2015-16
  18. Charlotte Campbell, EMC Europe Ltd: Outstanding Contribution 2015-16
  19. Professor Nick Lee, Warwick Business School: Outstanding Contribution 2015-16