You’re in sales? Differentiate yourself from the crowd.

The APS can help you stand out from the crowd

August 29, 2017:

As a salesperson, you know you are hard-working, effective, professional and customer-centric, writes Denise Bryant, APS Managing Director. You know therefore that you are incredibly successful. You also know that you are trusted by your managers and your clients because you can always be relied upon to do the right thing at the right time to achieve the right outcome for both your customer and your company.

However, how does a prospective customer, or for that matter a future employer, know how excellent you are? For over 100 years, professionals in industry have been represented by Chartered Institutions. If you are an accountant you could be an ACA, if you are an architect you could be RIBA. To date, within the sales profession, there is nothing that externally validates your excellence.

The Association of Professional Sales (APS) is a professional body designed to represent sales as a profession to other bodies, governments, buyers and customers. It has various levels of membership which can be gained via verified sales experience or via academic entry. However, how can APS Members promote their APS membership and thereby validate their expertise and professionalism? In recognition of this issue, the APS have launched a set of professional accolades in the form of APS membership logos which can be added to members’ LinkedIn profiles, CVs and email footers. These are exclusively available to members of the Association of Professional Sales.

I have added my APS logos to my LinkedIn profile.

Denise Bryant, APS Managing Director, UK

The Registered Sales Professional logo validates that I behave and sell according to the APS Code of Conduct, and so can be trusted to sell ethically and professionally and comply with legislation such as the Anti-bribery Act, as well as numerous other sales standards that the APS represents.

My Fellow of the Association of Professional Sales demonstrates that I am proud to be seen as a leader within the Sales Profession, that I believe in coaching and mentoring others within the profession and that I exemplify professional behaviour in the world of sales, in an industry where sales is often thought of as unregulated.

This benefits me personally, the company I work for and the customers I serve.

If you are a registered member of the APS and would like to demonstrate external validation of your standing within your field, I urge you to add the APS membership logo – that you will be receiving shortly – to your LinkedIn profile. (If you have not received the logo that is relevant to your membership level, please contact APS Membership Services at