APS focuses on diversity strategy to mark International Women’s Day

March 8, 2018:

To mark today’s International Women’s Day 2018, the Association of Professional Sales (APS) is pleased to announce details of a new initiative dedicated to women in sales, and the men who support them.

As women around the world are encouraged to #Press for Progress, the APS is backing this international campaign with its own business-inspired action.

The APS are leaders in the sales industry and we know that encouraging women and diversity in sales is not just a moral imperative, it makes business sense too.

So today, we are highlighting two important strategies:

The first is the date for our inaugural, Women in Sales forum. This will be held on May 15 – full details and how to sign up are below.

At this event the incoming leaders of the global APS diversity and inclusivity team will lay out their vision on how companies can drive change to broaden their workforce and improve business. The team will also be discussing successful sales practice and areas we are investigating for further research.

The second part of our strategy is our important analysis on diversity in the workplace.

For the past three years, together with our with our partners at EY, we have been researching and developing the economic arguments for inclusivity and diversity in the sales industry. The white paper, produced with EY, called Performance Leadership – how diverse and inclusive sales teams are seizing competitive advantage – reveals that whilst gender, ethnic and cultural diversity are morally right for business, they also provide greater return for companies and shareholders.

In the document, the leader of the APS diversity and inclusivity team – Claire Edmunds – makes the case for a balanced workforce, with EY’s Michael Thompson leading the research. The paper highlights the return that companies have achieved after embracing change and promoting workplace diversity.

“I am delighted to be working with the APS on diversity and inclusivity”, says Samantha Wessels who is the co-chair of the APS diversity team.

“There are lots of opportunities to work together with like-minded women, and men, to shape a diverse and inclusive sales industry for the future.  Strong leadership in this area will pay dividends for businesses. At the APS we know that a sales team which reflects the gender, ethnic and cultural make-up of its customers brings good financial returns.”

The Association of Professional Sales is committed to professionalism, ethical sales standards and promoting diversity across the globe. With more than 70% of buying decisions being made by females in the next five years, sellers need to reflect the people they serve, and represent the modern world in which we live.

“Its not just about women caring about gender equality” says APS CEO Andy Hough. “Men should ‘lean in’ too. We need to take responsibility for changing the bias that’s grown up in business. Mentoring and supporting women in our organisations and promoting their skills and capabilities is key.”

“It is up to men in the APS to show by example that participation in diversity and inclusivity is just as important as taking part in any other sales-led initiative.”

Event details:

Date: Tuesday 15th May
Venue: Andaz London Liverpool Street, 40 Liverpool Street, London EC2M 7QN
Time: 6pm-9pm

Click here to book your place.