Against the odds: how being a member of the APS helped me win

Andrew McIntyre, Enterprise Software Sales Director, Ideagen

April 12, 2018:

In a world of fierce, competitive selling, showing you are an accredited member of the Association of Professional Sales (APS) and a trusted, ethical salesperson can make all the difference – and even get the deal done.

That is what happened to Andrew McIntyre an advanced member of the APS when he was faced with a significant, but tough sale.

McIntyre is an enterprise software sales director at Ideagen – the software company specialising in governance, risk and compliance. As an enterprise seller he is constantly working in unfamiliar markets, building trust with new clients while at the same time fighting off established competitors.

Andrew recalls his recent experience: “In a closing meeting for a significant new business win where, as yet, I really don’t exist in that market, we were up against the biggest gorillas and we beat them. And they were very, very aggressive in their response when they realised they were losing.

McIntyre says, in these situations, when everyone is offering similar products, deals and benefits, the contrast between you and your competitors is crucial, but this time the APS provided the important contrast.

“I did a whole presentation about ethical behaviour and brought out the APS logo to explain that Ideagen are corporate members of the APS, but most importantly we are accredited through exam conditions for ethics and best practice.”

Andrew says that in his final summary to their board of directors, he displayed the certificates awarded to Ideagen by the APS, and then discussed the benefit of being part of an industry that cared about ethical behaviour.

But he insists: “We’re not using it as a sales tactic. We thoroughly believe that all the benefit we get from the APS, the partner events and the conferences, are making us better people in the job we do.”

He says APS certification should be the industry’s quality control with standards rising all the time.

“If sales exams are very difficult to pass, you have degree-level learning and then together, in the next 10 years, we’ve changed the sales world. I am very excited about the future. The APS is brilliant. Well done.”

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