APS joins forces with GatorLeads

GatorLeads is working with APS to promote best practice in lead generation and engagement.

GatorLeads specialises in lead generation software. Its software advances and promotes excellence for those in sales, using tools such as IP lookup and cookie tracking. With GatorLeads, professional salespeople can find out who their leads are, what they are interested in and target them accordingly.

Part of the CommuniGator Group, GatorLeads was founded in 2008 by Lee Chadwick and Aaron Yates. With extensive experience in the IT and sales world, both directors saw a real need for technology to help the professional sales sector. Their own private IP database and company details mean GatorLeads boasts the highest match rate in the lead generation sector.

Alongside their lead generation software, Gator Leads also functions alongside the CommuniGator email marketing and marketing automation software. This allows the sales pipeline to function at optimum performance and ensure the best results for sales teams across the country.

So how can GatorLeads improve the innovation and excellence with APS?

Visitor Identification

With their own private IP database, GatorLeads can offer the highest match rate when it comes to high quality information about the businesses on their website. With millions of records, GatorLeads can tell sales teams more about the visitors on their website. More than just the company name, GatorLeads can also reveal the company industry, revenue and employee size.

Individual Contact Details

GatorLeads are aware that seeing the companies on your website is not enough for your sales teams. They need to know who the key decision maker is before they try contacting the company, to get past the gatekeeper. That’s why GatorLeads also provides individual employee details, such as their company email addresses and their job levels. This allows your sales team to skip the difficult contact stage and make the first touch of contact.

Visitor Tracking with personal URLs

Once you have an individual’s email address from GatorLeads, you can track their individual movements on your website. GatorLeads achieve this with their personal URL technology (PURLs). PURLs are a link that you can place within your email to an individual lead. When they click on their URL, GatorLeads cookie technology will be enabled and you can then see everywhere your lead goes on your website.

Lead Scoring

Having been in the sales world a long time, GatorLeads know that not all leads are sales-ready. In fact, most aren’t the first time they visit your website or get in contact. That’s why GatorLeads use an advanced lead scoring technique. It indicates who is sales-ready and who needs to go to marketing for lead nurturing. This saves your sales team time and energy, allowing them to focus on the real opportunities.

Real ROI

We know that ROI is the proof that our lead generation software is successful. That’s why we proudly showcase our customers who show anywhere between a 1000-8500% ROI. On average, it just takes our clients just one high-profile website visitor to see this kind of return on investment. See the results for yourself.

What you see is what you get

We believe the best way to see how lead generation software can produce these results is to trial the technology for yourself. With the tools at your disposal, you can work this lead generation technology into your sales strategy. See how to improve the effectiveness of your sales pipeline. Trial GatorLeads for yourself here.

Showing the sales world what they are missing

As a company that connects sales professionals with their prospects, we like to connect with our sales audience in a range of ways. From exhibitions to webinar events and seminars. To discover the latest lead generation best practices, join us at our next event.