On historic day, APS announces Women in Sales Forum

February 6, 2018

To mark the centenary of women first winning the right to vote, the Association of Professional Sales is proud to launch a ground-breaking, Women In Sales Forum.

The forum will meet monthly across the country to give women in sales, and men who care about supporting women in sales, the opportunity to get together, share ideas, listen to other people’s journeys, gain advice, find mentors, and learn, in order to progress.

This is a global initiative by the Association of Professional Sales (APS). We look forward to replicating this around the world as we open our organisation internationally.

The APS believes this is not only the right thing to do, it is also the economically sensible thing to do for the performance of the companies and organisations you choose to serve, and to ensure the sales profession remains relevant to the buyers of the future.

Andrew Hough, Chief Executive Officer of the APS said: “A hundred years on from the acknowledgement that women should be equal, there are still many areas where they are not.

“Today, in 2018, we are still striving for a better, more balanced and inclusive society and we need to address these challenges. One of the largest areas, where inequality and lack of diversity continues to be seen, is in the sales industry.

“The APS knows it is vital for the sales community to embrace the positives in gender diversity and gender equality. This is a great opportunity to ensure that women, and men in sales, can address these important issues.”

The APS has been reviewing key areas on diversity over the last four years and we will be sharing these insights in our new forums and with the wider sales community over the coming months.

We would encourage people who want to be part of this initiative to contact us at womeninsales@the-aps.com.  Please register your interest with us to make a difference.


On February 6, 1918, Parliament passed the Representation of the People Act which gave women over 30 who met minimum property qualifications, the right to vote. It was a start, but there was more work to be done to achieve equality. Men could vote at 21, nine years before women.


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