The Association of Professional Sales makes four announcements

Tuesday, June 7, 2016:   The Association of Professional Sales is leading the agenda of professionalising selling by announcing four key initiatives focused on ethics, standards and development.

The plans, unveiled on day one of the APS annual conference, include:

1.     An ethical code of conduct and professional registration of individual sellers

2.     A global sales competence model

3.     An approach to and measurement of continuing professional development

4.     “Investor in Sales” accreditation for companies’ sales teams.

These announcements are interesting individually, but, when taken as a package, are a step-change in thinking regarding training, ethics and professionalism in sales. They provide a set of standards, and evidence of the knowledge between right and wrong in business practice.

They will allow customers an independent view of the integrity and standards of the people they are dealing with.

Today’s announcement allows both individuals and companies to “do the right thing” by their customers and be seen to be doing the right thing. It delivers a standard by which a dialogue of openness, honesty and transparency in sales engagements can be measured: and allows the buyer to feel more confident that the transaction is in their interest as well as in the interest of the vendor.

Nick Porter, chairman of the APS, said: “It may be a long task to restore confidence in the sales profession after a dismal period, but today’s announcements are the basis on which trust can be built.

“The APS wants to change the dialogue so that customers expect the best from salespeople rather than always fear the worst.”

The announcements were made live from the APS conference platform.

Delegates could also access the conference livestream.

If you are unable to attend the Mermaid Theatre in London for the second day of our conference, you can stay up to date on Twitter or read our live conference blog. This is updated with news and pictures throughout our two-day conference.