Leading consultant Francis Ingham to advise APS in quest for Royal Chartered status

Francis Ingham will be working with the APS on achieving Chartered status

Francis Ingham

February 2, 2017: The Association of Professional Sales is pleased to be working with Francis Ingham* in its quest to achieve Chartered status as the professional body for sales.

Mr Ingham has steered a number of other organisations through the complex process of submitting a request to the Privy Council for permission to be incorporated under Royal Charter. He is one of the leading practitioners in this field.

Mr Ingham is director general of the Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA), the professional body for PR consultancies and in-house communications teams.

“Sales is clearly a profession, and it’s time that it was recognised as such,” Mr Ingham said.

“We’re going to be making that case to Government, as we pursue the Royal Charter which our industry deserves. And in doing so, we will further enhance the value that the APS delivers to our members.”

Complex process

Chartered status originates from Royal Charters issued to professional bodies in the UK by the monarch.

Professional bodies must apply to the Privy Council for permission to be incorporated under Royal Charter.

They must also agree with all relevant government departments the standards that will be required of individual members, if they are to be awarded the right to use the title of a Chartered professional.

These standards – usually academic as well as practical – are fixed and cannot be changed without government permission.

The professional bodies overseeing Chartered titles have a duty to act in the public interest, rather than in the interests of their members, ensuring that chartered professionals must meet ethical standards of behaviour.

The APS has recently been drafting the standards and qualifications that could be required for an individual to call himself or herself a Chartered salesperson. The qualifications have now gone live.

“Francis Ingham will be our external adviser to help us through a relatively complex process,” said Nick Porter, the chairman of the APS.

“We expect his insight and his experience of working with the parts of government which will be pivotal to our application, will be of great value to us. We are delighted to be working with him.”



* Biographical note:

Francis Ingham was a political adviser to the Conservative Party for three years after leaving the University of Oxford.

He has headed local and regional government policy at the CBI. He has served on various task forces and executives at the Local Government Association and the Association of London Government, and was Secretary of the Bow Group.

As well as his role at the PRCA, he is chief executive of the International Communications Consultancy Organisation (ICCO), the global trade body for 37 national PR associations.

The Association of Professional Sales is working towards Royal Chartered status. The journey has already started but we don’t want you to miss out.

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