Garmin wins APS award for ethical selling

The sales team at Garmin UK. Paul Harrison, Garmin’s UK & Ireland Sales Director (front right) receives the APS Investor in Sales award from Ben Turner (front left) Co-CEO of the APS.

December 13, 2018

The sales team at Garmin have become leaders in their industry for their approach to ethical selling.

The GPS navigation and wearable technology company is the first in its sector to win the Investor in Sales award from the Association of Professional Sales (APS).

The award is given by the APS when more than 50% of a sales team passes our professional registration assessment. In Garmin’s case, the entire sales have passed the exam.

During the test, each candidate is asked 40 questions about ethical selling dilemmas. The questions relate to the anti-bribery act and common work-based scenarios that a seller might have faced in the past or could do in their future sales career.

The test assesses a candidate’s ability to do the right thing by their customers and act in a consistent and ethical manner. The questions have been created in partnership with university academics and the founding, corporate members of the APS to ensure relevance and rigour. This is not a ‘tick box’ compliance exercise; candidates need to score at least 65% to pass.

Paul Harrison, Garmin’s UK & Ireland Sales Director and a Fellow of the APS said: “I am delighted that the whole of the UK Garmin team have passed their professional registration. Developing a value proposition to our customers is critical with ever more competition, declining high street presence and reduced consumer confidence.

“The APS has helped Garmin develop an improved way of working, enabling us to continually differentiate ourselves above our competitors with integrity and credibility.

“The APS puts trust, decency and ethics at the centre of our relationship with our customers.”

Ben Turner, Co-CEO of the APS, who presented the Garmin sales team with their award said: “Congratulations to the dedicated salespeople at Garmin. I am hugely impressed with the way Paul and his team are working hard for Garmin to be a sales-focused organisation.

“They are developing new relationships with their customers based on value and ethics and are using their APS membership to have conversations which highlight their credibility.”

About the APS:

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