Countdown to the APS annual conference

Wednesday, May 18 2016:

Our annual conference is bringing together influential business voices from across the globe to tackle one of the key challenges facing the sales profession – how to stand out, when the products on sale and the companies that offer them are starting to look increasingly similar.

Join us to hear a fresh perspective on the art and science of selling in a new era, when differentiating yourself from the competition is the key to success.

The Association Of Professional Sales conference will be holding keynote sessions on what you say, what you do, what you offer and who you hire.

Join us on June 7 and 8 at the Mermaid Theatre, London, EC4V 3DB.    Click here for full conference details.

In an aggressive, global marketplace, good selling has never been more important. If the UK is going to stay competitive, we need highly skilled and professional sales people.

Corporate companies can easily spend hundreds of thousands of pounds every time they pitch for a sale. It’s a high-octane dragon’s den, but it’s the kind of selling on which economies are built. The marketplace has become so competitive and sophisticated that organisations can’t afford to fail. At our annual conference we are focusing on these challenges in what we are calling a “new era of differentiation”, where what you sell is not enough, but how you sell is everything.

The Association of Professional Sales is a not-for-profit organisation, reinvesting in our profession to provide standards, development and leadership.

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