Trump the Salesman

14 October 2016: To gauge the size of the image problem facing the sales profession, we only need glance across the Atlantic. Is this what they think of us? asks Andrew Hough, CEO of the Association of Professional Sales. “Donald Trump is the consummate salesman. Rules, tradition, even the truth are only relevant in so much […]

Opinion: Donald Trump and the journey from salesman to statesman

November 23, 2016: Winning the US presidential election has changed the game for Mr Trump. As a candidate, commentators often described Mr Trump as a snake oil salesman. Now the hotel mogul and his transition team are working to transform him from salesman to statesman. The rhetoric of the campaign trail – boastful promises, slandering rivals, thin-skinned tantrums […]

Comment: why sales needs a professional body

Why does sales need a professional body? Hasn’t the industry been getting along fine without one all these years? Sales people don’t need ethical standards or a string of letters after their name to do the job. So long as they carry on making their number everything’s fine, right? Wrong, says Ben Turner, the general manager of the Association of Professional Sales.

Claire Edmunds: the answer to greater diversity is inclusiveness

The business case for diversity is increasingly understood by business leaders. Strong research underlies the promise that diversity can bring many benefits to an organisation, through increased performance, innovation and competitive advantage. Employees tend to be happier and perform better in diverse teams. Top talent is attracted to more diverse companies. Diversity of thought makes […]

Ian Helps: why has sales failed to professionalise?

  We all know a professional when we see one: someone who has a role to play, and does it with skill, thought and understanding. Sometimes it is easy to identify. I remember seeing a nurse persuading my aunt to take the medicine she needed in her final days, guiding her through the most difficult […]

Andrew Hough: let’s stop celebrating mis-selling

  Sometimes it seems we can’t stop talking about the mis-selling scandals that have dragged the sales industry’s reputation into the mud. PPI. Mortgage derivatives. Interest rate swaps. Card protection plans. Bernard Madoff. Boiler room scams. The financial services sector has figured the heaviest, but recently the energy industry has also been criticised and fined […]