MPs to set up landmark group to promote sales industry

March 14, 2018:

MPs are planning an important milestone for  the sales profession – the establishment of a new cross-party group to promote and advance the sales industry.

The All Party Parliamentary Group on Sales is being established by Stephen Kerr MP, a Fellow of the Association of Professional Sales (APS).

Its first meeting will be held in Parliament on Tuesday, April 24.

Mr Kerr, who says he is proud to have spent the last 30 years of his life working in the sales industry, believes the profession is unappreciated by both business and within parliament. Stephen, who was elected Conservative MP for Stirling last June, spoke of the importance of sales in his Brexit speech in October. Now, he has followed this up by setting in motion the first parliamentary group dedicated to sales. Mr Kerr says he wants to gain recognition for the vital work of the industry and as a way to promote and advance the profession.

The inaugural meeting of around 30 to 40 MPs from across the political spectrum, will be addressed by senior sales leaders.

Stephen Kerr says that as the group gets established, he is expecting industry to contribute to the discussions and help develop ideas and actions to improve the UK’s selling effectiveness.

Andrew Hough, the Chief Executive Officer of the APS, praised Stephen Kerr’s steadfast support for the sales profession and his determination to bring MPs together to support the industry and to recognise the vital work that goes on across the sales sector.

Andrew said: “Sales has always been crucial to the nation’s prosperity, but it is even more important as we plan for business success after Brexit.”

“Stephen Kerr has been a great supporter of the Association of Professional Sales and I would like to commend the work he is doing inside, and outside Parliament to support our profession.”

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