APS June conference 2017: Why being there makes the difference

May 10, 2017 It’s easy to underestimate the power of the personal touch. Our fast-moving business world is held together by hi-tech communications like email, social networks and video calling. But when you really want to connect, there is nothing that can replace being in the same room, holding a face-to-face conversation. At this year’s […]

The secrets of selling – what the experts told us

May 5, 2017 Does sales have a secret code? Three authors revealed some of the hidden truths about selling, as they launched new books at a networking event hosted by the Association of Professional Sales. Secret Skill, Hidden Career.. “Sales changed my life,” says Paul Owen. The author of the forthcoming Secret Skill, Hidden Career, told a […]

Inside the Mind of the Buyer: ten things you need to know about procurement

May 9, 2017 Not long ago, many sales people viewed the procurement team on the opposite side of the negotiating table as the enemy. Today, however, co-operation and collaboration  are often essential. Scoring points helps nobody and greater understanding is the way ahead. John Murphy, Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply, and former procurement […]

The best coaching helps people think for themselves

May 8, 2017 Ask most managers in business whether they coach and you will no doubt get the answer “Oh yeah, I coach. Have been for years”. So when trying to instil a coaching culture into an organisation, it can feel like pushing against a closed door. Why would any company need to spend money on […]

Five tips to help your team be ‘sales superstars’

April 5, 2017: Managing a sales team can be tough, especially for a new sales manager, write Lance Mortimer and Bryan McCrae, in the latest in their series on sales psychology. Selling has become tougher as buyers research products and services for opinions and reviews without even contacting a salesperson. The balance of power has […]

APS announces breakthrough degree apprenticeship in sales

March 31, 2017: The Association of Professional Sales is proud to announce that the government has provisionally approved plans for the first degree-level apprenticeship in sales. The APS has provided vision, leadership and resources to help launch this pioneering development in business-to-business sales training. We submitted an initial bid to the government last June and recruited […]

More companies join the APS sales revolution

April 3, 2017:  The Association of Professional Sales is pleased to welcome four more established companies to our growing stable of corporate members. We are proud to announce that we have been joined by Inmarsat, Neopost, RS Components, and SIG. These diverse companies, specialising in satellite and terrestrial communications, electronic components and the construction industry, will […]

Ten ways to add value and retain your customer’s business

March 23, 2017: When you fall in a hole there are many salespeople who will want to sell you a ladder, but the one you need to do business with is the seller who will help you to stop falling in holes. This famous saying by Neil Rackham, the sales guru who is patron of the Association […]

If IQ gets you hired, does EQ get you promoted?

March 10, 2017: As salespeople we need to understand our buyers’ emotions, write Lance Mortimer and Bryan McCrae, in the latest in their series on sales psychology. Most people have heard of Intelligence Quotient (IQ), and some may even have sat one of the recognised tests, such as the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS).  A Google […]

APS welcomes Chancellor’s Budget focus on apprenticeships

March 8 2017: The Association of Professional Sales (APS) believes the Chancellor’s strong endorsement of apprenticeships, set out in his Budget, is good news for the future of the sales industry. During the Budget, Rt Hon Philip Hammond MP said the government had seen the start of 2.4 million apprenticeships between 2010 and 2015. And […]

APS Seminar: Coaching and the challenge of managing millennials

March 9 2017: The digital generation we call “millennials” will be in the majority in the salesforce within a very few years, bringing with them their own distinct management challenges. Sales leaders attending yesterday’s APS seminar, Creating A Successful Sales Coaching Culture, described millennials as sometimes having unrealistic expectations in the workplace. They are used to instant gratification, […]

Sales leaders offer inspiration on International Women’s Day

March 8, 2017: This year the challenge of International Women’s Day, March 8, is to #BeBoldForChange. We asked senior women in sales what they would like to have said to their younger selves, to inspire them to be bold and reach for even greater achievements. Denise Bryant, former UK Sales Director, Arrow ECS My advice to my […]

How planning, performance and skiing took Richard Hilton to the top

February 23, 2017: The Association of Professional Sales and Miller Heiman Group have forged a partnership to promote professionalism in sales. To mark this link up, the APS talks to Richard Hilton, managing director EMEA at Miller Heiman Group, about what good selling means. Finding the best route down a steep mountain in a white-out […]

APS launches sales qualifications to set benchmark for sales industry

February 6, 2017: The Association of Professional Sales has launched a full suite of sales qualifications to represent the skills of sales people at every stage of their career. The qualifications have been developed to the highest standards to reflect the latest thinking in sales learning and development. They offer unique flexibility to the learner and their […]

Case Study: How the APS Can Help You Shape Your Future Role

Planning for future success is possibly the most exciting challenge we face in our sales careers, but it is not always easy. When contemplating a move, we can all benefit from wise and impartial advice from someone more senior than ourselves in the sales profession. Too often, however, there is no-one we can rely on […]

Whats In it For Me: How the APS Can Help You Shape Your Future Role

February 6, 2017: Human resources departments are at their busiest in late winter, sifting through piles of CVs. Many sales professionals return to their desks after the long festive break with itchy feet, hoping for a new job. Every single one of those CVs will be promising sales brilliance and 140%. How do you get your CV to […]

Leading consultant Francis Ingham to advise APS in quest for Royal Chartered status

February 2, 2017: The Association of Professional Sales is pleased to be working with Francis Ingham* in its quest to achieve Chartered status as the professional body for sales. Mr Ingham has steered a number of other organisations through the complex process of submitting a request to the Privy Council for permission to be incorporated […]

Extrovert or introvert: How does personality affect your sales ability?

February 3, 2017: It is often said the best salespeople are extrovert, write Lance Mortimer and Bryan McCrae, in the latest in their series on the myths around sales psychology. We have all met them: larger than life, gregarious and confident, extrovert sales people are the life and soul of the meeting, and get energised from being in […]

What’s In It For Me: How the APS Helps You To Care for Your Customers

February 3, 2017: This year, as you reach out to your customers, the Association of Professional Sales would like to give you a helping hand. We know, having spoken to our members, that customers react favourably to sellers like you, who have been endorsed by the APS. The APS logo on your masthead, business card […]

Ten ways your LinkedIn profile is losing you sales, and how to put it right

January 30, 2017: When did you last update your LinkedIn profile? If it was the last time you were jobhunting, or worse still when you first signed up, the chances are you look out-of-date and off the pace. That will be harming you in the eyes of future customers, warned Anita Windisman, Customer Success Manager at LinkedIn, […]

Huthwaite International’s rebrand projects passion and power

January 30, 2017: Why has Huthwaite International, one of the best established names worldwide in sales training, consultancy and research, carried out a rebrand? After a root and branch review, Huthwaite transformed every aspect of the way it looks and feels when communicating with clients, starting with the switch from imperial purple to passionate red […]

Champagne experiment highlights our irrational decisions

January 6, 2017: In their second article on the psychology of sales, leading business psychologists Lance Mortimer, of Level 3 Communications, and Bryan McCrae, managing director of Sales Motivations, analyse how we can be tricked by irrational thinking. As humans, we make around 35,000 decisions every day. We may believe we compute the options rationally, and […]

New approach for APS 2017 spring events programme

January 5, 2017: The Association of Professional Sales is expanding its events programme to meet the needs of our growing and diverse membership. Starting this month, we are running three strands of events, each aimed at a different membership grade: whether Fellow, with ten or more years in the industry including five at senior leadership level; Advanced Member […]

Letters after your name show your professionalism in sales

January 5, 2017: This year for the first time members of the Association of Professional Sales will be able to use letters after their name on emails and business cards. The change will enable our members to show their customers that they have committed themselves to high standards of ethics and professionalism. It came into effect […]

Press release: APS in partnership agreement with Miller Heiman Group

December 19, 2016: The Association of Professional Sales is delighted to announce that it will be working in partnership with Miller Heiman Group, one of the world’s most prolific providers of business solutions in sales and service performance development. Miller Heiman Group is justly renowned for the exceptional quality of its research, its unique methodology and its […]

Why you need to appeal to your customer’s emotions, not their intelligence

December 7, 2016: A salesperson who tries to use reasoned argument on a sales pitch will close fewer deals than a seller who appeals to the emotions. It’s a shocking idea, but one that has emerged from decades of neuroscientific research, tested out in real-life sales situations by the sales consultancy Corporate Visions. Customers tend to make decisions […]

Is money the best motivation for a sales team?

December 7, 2016: It’s amazing what motivation you can inspire with a plasterboard half-moon stuck into a plant pot, says Ed Fotheringham, head of sales at Premier Inn. The sales leader revealed his unexpected and inspirational technique to drive results at his hotel chain in a recent APS seminar on money and motivation. We get out of bed for […]

Opinion: Donald Trump and the journey from salesman to statesman

November 23, 2016: Winning the US presidential election has changed the game for Mr Trump. As a candidate, commentators often described Mr Trump as a snake oil salesman. Now the hotel mogul and his transition team are working to transform him from salesman to statesman. The rhetoric of the campaign trail – boastful promises, slandering rivals, thin-skinned tantrums […]

Comment: myth-busting – what science really tells us about sales psychology

November 16, 2016: In a competitive world, salespeople are drawn to the latest thing that might give them advantage. But beware: when it comes to sales and psychology, not all is based on sound science. Leading business psychologists Lance Mortimer, of Level 3 Communications, and Bryan McCrae, managing director of Sales Motivations, help you separate the fads from the […]

Professional Sales Awards 2017: the hunt for the best in the world

 November 10, 2016: The Association of Professional Sales is proud to announce a prestigious new annual awards programme to recognise excellence in sales. The Professional Sales Awards 2017 is unique in being dedicated to recognising not just the finest but also the most ethical sales representatives in the world. We at the APS and the event’s headline […]