Countdown to the APS annual conference

Wednesday, May 18 2016: Our annual conference is bringing together influential business voices from across the globe to tackle one of the key challenges facing the sales profession – how to stand out, when the products on sale and the companies that offer them are starting to look increasingly similar. Join us to hear a fresh perspective on […]

How sales culture turned one company’s weakness into its greatest strength

Tuesday April 26, 2016:  It was the penalty of success. When software firm Ideagen started buying smaller rivals it found itself repeatedly having to absorb their motley and often demotivated sales teams. The calibre of their work varied alarmingly as many had been over-managed and under-led, chief customer officer Ben Dorks told the APS at […]

The woman who teaches leaders to sell themselves

Tuesday April 19, 2016: Take a long, hard look in the mirror, advises Mary Spillane, a former White House speechwriter who coaches some of the world’s most successful sales teams and business leaders. Do you project energy and confidence? Have you updated yourself with the changing times? Or is there a sell-by date glaring out from […]

Sales training is money down the drain

Thursday, April 14, 2016: Conventional sales training is money down the drain, with 80 pence in every £1 wasted, warns Lance Mortimer, chartered occupational psychologist with Level 3 communications. “Training must die,” Mortimer told the Association of Professional Sales’s seminar on Understanding the Psychological & Behavioural Elements of Resilience in Sales. An expert with more […]

Masters of destiny: What sales professionals can learn from elite sports people

Thursday, April 14, 2016: Science has already supplied the answer to what makes a more effective sales team. The trouble is, almost no-one is yet putting it into practice, says business psychologist Ian Price. He told today’s seminar, at the Association Of Professional Sales (APS), the answer is fostering optimism. To cope with the psychological […]

‘The APS will serve as quality assurance’

Neil Rackham, internationally renowned for ground-breaking research which identifies the scientific approach for successful selling, explains why he wanted to become the patron of the Association of Professional Sales (APS). “The Association of Professional Sales is the only game in town at a high level. Selling is becoming highly sophisticated, complex, professional – of course […]

World expert on selling becomes APS patron

Sales guru Neil Rackham, internationally renowned for his research into the science of effective selling, is joining the Association of Professional Sales as our patron. Professor Rackham has advised some of the largest companies in the United States. His book, SPIN Selling, is ranked number one in the Top 10 ‘How To Sell’ books of […]

APS joins forces with GatorLeads

GatorLeads is working with APS to promote best practice in lead generation and engagement. GatorLeads specialises in lead generation software. Its software advances and promotes excellence for those in sales, using tools such as IP lookup and cookie tracking. With GatorLeads, professional salespeople can find out who their leads are, what they are interested in and target them accordingly. Part […]