Premier Inn looks ahead to another successful year with the APS

May 22, 2017

The Association of Professional Sales (APS) is delighted that Premier Inn is extending its alliance with the APS through 2017.

Premier Inn says the news follows a successful period of team development and progression, since first joining the APS in 2016.

The continued partnership between Premier Inn and the APS is  based on a common vision and shared values for the sales industry – professionalism, a passion for personal development and a wish to innovate to stay ahead of the competition.

Premier Inn says the networking, development and learning opportunities through its membership of the APS, have played a pivotal part in the company’s objective to invest in the development of their team members.

Ed Fotheringham, Head of Sales at Premier Inn, explains: “The APS has been a significant catalyst in the learning culture of Premier Inn Sales. Membership has played a key part in building a culture of self-learning within our account management teams, that complements our ‘sales university’ approach and allows people to access valuable and interesting content, to fit in and around their work schedules.”

In the year ahead, the Premier Inn business sales team will look to continue to share with and learn from other industries, seeking out best practices and use this knowledge to be an innovator and leader in their market place. With teams throughout the UK and Germany, the flexibility that the APS offers in terms of hosted events, webinars and online learning, will play a critical role in realising Premier Inn’s ambition.

Sitske de Roo, Sales & Marketing Manager Premier Inn Germany, explains: “Personally, I think what stands out is that you can learn from other sales professional with experience across different industries. It broadens your horizons and makes you think deeply about our own approach and how we can continuously strive to improve. The short online training sessions are a great opportunity to learn and network, without always needing to take time out of the busy day for travel.”

Premier Inn’s sales teams are also looking forward to continuing to work with the APS to shape the future of the sales industry and develop the next generation of talent.

Premier Inn says it recognises the importance of laying the foundations for career development in the sales arena, demonstrating the opportunities that are available and highlighting just how rewarding the profession is.

Rebecca John, Leader – Inside Sales at Premier Inn, has had the opportunity to shape some of this work in the past year: “Personally I’m passionate in changing the way people view sales and turning it into a profession future generations want to be part of. I have had the opportunity to work with the APS on creating the first degree-level sales apprenticeship which will hopefully inspire many to join our profession in years to come.”