Why join the Association
of Professional Sales?

Selling is one of the most ubiquitous activities in our society. Everyone at some point sells and is ‘sold to’. APS membership is for those of us who sell for a living and are interested in joining an organisation that takes pride in how we conduct ourselves and the value we deliver to our customers and clients. As a member of the Association of Professional Sales you will exhibit integrity, credibility and a genuine interest in helping your customers obtain the right products and services for their needs.

Our Mission brings together experts in all aspects of selling to:

  • Publish and maintain a set of standards and principles
  • Build a membership that actively improves the profession
  • Enable continuous development of every member’s skills
  • Be recognised as the influential voice of the sales community
  • Achieve Chartered Status from the Privy Council as a result of our work

Those who join the APS membership commit to join a community that advances and promotes excellence in the sales profession globally; displaying integrity, credibility and a genuine interest in helping your customers obtain the right products and services for their needs.

Sales Professional Parity

  • For over 100 years, professionals in industry have been represented by Chartered Institutions. It is time for Sales to join those other professions
  • The APS has a vision and goal. To create a global Chartered Institute of Sales.
  • We are a professional body, designed to represent sales as a profession to other bodies, governments and buyers, and customers alike.

Reinvesting in your Profession

  • The APS is a not for profit organisation which generates income via subscriptions and sponsorship. All profit is invested into The Association for the benefit of our members and the wider Sales Profession.
  • We invest in delivering high quality events, research, articles and other content. Building better standards & qualifications and supporting academic development require funding, as do the professionals that design and deliver them

Our Organisation

  • The APS is working towards receiving recognition by the Privy Council and we anticipate being awarded Chartered status within the next three years.
  • The APS is organised in order to operate for both the public interest and the sales profession and move seamlessly from an industry certified body to one of Chartered status. This strategy was agreed at the outset by our leadership team and provides a clear statement of intent to be the body that delivers a professional body that is regarded with the same stature as other professional bodies. It intends to provide our members with confidence and assurance regarding our intentions, our organisation, held accountable by the APS membership.

Areas of Focus

  • We have four core areas of involvement:
  • Education – developing qualifications and curriculum engagement for the future of sales
  • Insight – Working independently and through partners to develop analysis for the future of sales, leading research and insight into best practice, trends and challenges
  • Community – Facilitating focus groups that feed leadership and drive innovation for the future of sales, from School programs, through to diversity and other critical topics in our industry
  • Professionalism – The ethics behind the APS. Ethics and code of conduct, professional registration and certifications. Ensuring that the sales industry is recognised for the leading role it plays within the economy and business environments.

Corporate Steps

  • We cannot survive without corporate support and sponsorship. As a non-profit leader of one of the biggest global communities, we work with organisations, teams and individuals to align our mission – actively seeking to support and develop organisations and people that value and recognise developing professional sales people


  • The APS exists  to address  a number  of critical  issues  for  sales globally working to support our members to uphold and promote the value of the ‘code of selling’, educate new members and sales people to understand the ehical sales standards and provide a community and means for members to demonstrate professional duties and standing to the outside world, while building a positive name for sales now and in the future

If you are looking to become part of the global sales community and drive ethics and professionalism in your industry or company, click the ‘Join APS’ page to learn more.