Claire Edmunds

Claire Edmunds, chairman of the Diversity and Inclusion Community

The Diversity and Inclusion Community is investigating the business case for greater diversity and inclusiveness in sales teams. Current research shows the UK lagging behind other countries in the diversity of the sales teams, especially in the technology industries.

There is more and more evidence of a strong business case for diverse teams. The Diversity and Inclusion Community has published a white paper with EY, outlining the benefits of more diversity and inclusion. The white paper can be found in full in the Insight and Research section of the website.

The community has set up a LinkedIn group to share articles and promote discussion. It plans to release a survey to understand what sales organisations are doing in this field, and a self-test for unconscious bias.


For more information on the Diversity and Inclusion Community, please contact Claire Edmunds, CEO of Clarify, by email at, and join the LinkedIn group APS Diversity and Inclusion in Sales.