Tim Chapman, managing partner of Sales EQ

Tim Chapman, chairman of the Education and Universities Community

The Education and Universities Community aims to promote understanding, and enhance the attractiveness, of sales as a future career for children and young adults.

One of the aims of the APS  is have all fellows making at least one presentation to school children each year. To support this, the Education and Universities Community launched the ‘Sales in a Box’ at the 2016 APS conference.

‘Sales in a Box’ is a learning pack, including videos, slides and sales games to introduce pupils to the possibilities a career in sales can open up. This will be available to APS fellows to take into their local schools. Details of how to obtain the packs will be published soon.

The Education and Universities Community is working with universities to influence their courses to contain more sales content. Currently most business management degrees contain no modules covering sales, despite it being one of the most important aspects of any business.

In time, degree courses which contain modules on sales will receive APS accreditation.


For more information on the Education and Universities Community, please contact Tim Chapman, managing partner at Sales EQ Ltd, by email at tim.chapman@sales-eq.com.