The Association of Professional Sales is the only independent organisation who understands the needs of global sales organisations and can therefore assess, validate and recognise sellers across providers, companies, and countries.

The APS is committed to recognising excellence in sales learning. We have a range of Qualifications and Apprenticeships available to those at any stage of their sales career.

With the changing landscape of the new Apprenticeship levy, the APS is in place to support individuals, employers and training providers to help offer learning programmes that have external verification and APS qualifications as an end goal. This could be via End Point Assessment with an APS approved provider, or working with in-house L&D teams for APS Accredited Sales Academies.

APS Qualifications & Apprenticeships stay with sales professional for life, a qualification that demonstrates a level of learning achieved and recognising the excellence of training delivered to them. These qualifications also feed into APS membership and our vision to be a chartered body for sales.

Speak to the APS more about this landscape and how best to understand the options available to you, to ensure great learning and development takes place across the sales organisation, your customers or individuals.

For more information or to be updated on the progress of the B2B Sales Professional Apprenticeship, please contact us

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