Staying relevant in a fast-changing environment

Customer expectations are increasing every day. Are you investing time in professional development to sharpen your sales skills and broaden your capabilities?

For too many sales professionals, the answer is “not at the moment”. Evidence from other professions shows that you will lose your relevance if you don’t invest a minimum of three days each year in personal development. Do you really want to take the risk?

Three days is only 1.5% of a typical working year. The real reasons this modest target isn’t been being met are lack of managerial support, difficulty in finding good quality resources, and lack of clarity on “what good looks like”.

Until now no CPD system existed that was truly sales-centric. Happily, that has changed. The APS is building a dedicated CPD system for its members. It is easy to use, encourages salespeople to set goals, provides curated resources linked to those goals, and encourages reflective learning.

It also sets an industry standard: 24 hours of CPD per year. Individuals and employers meeting this standard can use it to differentiate themselves to their customers, showing that they are dedicated to being true sales professionals.