Promoting professional sales as a career in secondary schools

The APS has a bigger purpose as a professional body to support positive development for sales and the broader community. These have included offering our Learning Framework, opening the Code of Conduct, the ethical standing in way of Professional registration available to all, and, Sales in a Box which provides guidance for anyone to promote professional sales as a career in secondary schools…

We want to inspire young people to consider professional sales as a career destination. To help put this on the career agenda we have created a presentation pack called ‘Sales in a Box’.

The objective is to make it easy for APS fellows to host a brief, interactive careers presentation in their local secondary school – without the need for lots of preparation. In fact, you’ll find everything you need to host a really engaging, highly interactive session, with enough flexibility to tailor them to reflect your own style too.

The material has been designed to run within a standard 45-minute lesson period, with enough flexibility to extend or reduce to fit.

Sales in a Box contains the following:

  • An easy to follow facilitator’s guide to help you plan and run each session
  • An editable PowerPoint deck to help guide the session on the day
  • A Descriptor Card game to help students understand what sales is really all about
  • A ‘Day in the Life / Spot the selling’ video to help show how selling impacts every part of our daily lives
  • A self-assessment questionnaire to let students discover what kind of sales role they are most suited for
  • A sales career tree to help illustrate how exciting a career in sales can be
  • A ‘video jukebox’ to play bite size videos of people who have already started a career in sales

By the end of the session, young students will have a much clearer idea of what a career in sales is like, and whether it might be a suitable career choice for them. For those who think it is, we will also offer guidance and support to help them build towards their chosen career destination.

If you are an APS fellow and would like to receive a pack (either digitally or physically) then please contact Karen Smith by email on