Customers demand sales professionals who are trustworthy and willing to hold themselves to account. They also expect them to add value to their business. Meanwhile salespeople are under separate pressure from their managers to maximise sales, and from regulators to obey rules.

To reconcile these contradictory demands, sales professionals daily have to make difficult judgments, based on complex, ethical dilemmas.

The APS exists to help its members succeed in making good judgments routinely. We summarise it as “do the right things and thereby get the right results”.

To this end we have developed our Sales Code of Conduct. By signing up to the code, we agree to:

1. Maintain the highest standards of integrity in all business relationships.
2. Provide our customers with a buying experience in which we “do the right thing and thereby get the right results”.
3. Promote and protect good sales practices.
4. Always act in line with my organisation’s codes and within the law.

The Sales Code of Conduct developed by the APS is a world first. The Code is publicly available, has ethics at its core, and is backed up by the APS, a professional body serving the whole sales community.

Sales professionals signing up to the Code are publicly stating their willingness to be judged by their customers, and to have their professional status within the APS at risk if they transgress. This allows salespeople to differentiate themselves from their peers, convincing their customers that they will make every effort to “do the right thing and thereby get the right results”.

The APS Sales Code of Conduct in full