All members of the Association of Professional Sales (APS) are committed to working in an honest, ethical and responsible manner. 

This is our Sales Code of Conduct. We agree to:

1. Maintain the highest standards of integrity in all business relationships.
2. Provide our customers with a buying experience in which we “do the right thing and thereby get the right results”.
3. Promote and protect good sales practices.
4. Always act in line with my organisation’s codes and within the law.


Sales professionals who uphold and promote the APS Sales Code of Conduct are making a pledge to judiciously balance their responsibilities to their customers, to their employer organisation and to their profession. The conceptual framework approach assists sales professionals in complying with the ethical requirements of this Code and in meeting their responsibility to act in the public interest. APS members must commit to the Code as long as they are members of APS.

Fundamental Principles 

The APS Sales Code of Conduct is made up of four fundamental principles:

1. Integrity: being straightforward, honest and truthful in all professional and business relationships. Avoiding conflicts of interest and not being associated with any information that you believe contains a materially false or misleading statement, or which is misleading by omission.

2. Solution appropriateness: ensuring that you are configuring and selling customers solutions that are absolutely appropriate for their needs and in their best interests.

3. Promote and protect good sales practices: committing to continuous development of your level of professional knowledge, skills and ability to exercise judgment. Promoting the eradication of unethical business practices, and enhancing the proficiency of the profession.

4. Always act in line with my organisation’s codes and within the law: ensuring full compliance with laws and regulations and acting in the public interest. At all times also avoiding any action that could negatively affect the reputation of the profession.

The four fundamental principles are described below. Such a code can never cover every eventuality. If in doubt, APS members are encouraged to consider the spirit of the 4 fundamental principles as their “moral compass”. Also they should review the Standards of Sales Practice documentation and education materials on the APS website. In particularly difficult circumstances, members may also wish to contact member services for specific support.

1. Maintain the highest standard of integrity in all business relationships, by: 

•rejecting any business practice which might reasonably be deemed improper

•operating with honesty and accountability in all aspects of my duties, my products, my company and my industry

•never using my authority or position for my own improper financial gain

•declaring to the responsible person(s) in my organisation any personal interest that might affect, or be seen by others to affect, my impartiality in decision making

•ensuring that the information I give in the course of my work is accurate and not misleading; avoiding being misleading by omission of materially important information

•never breaching the confidentiality of information I receive in a professional capacity

•being truthful about my skills, experience and qualifications

•never engaging in conduct, either professional or personal, which would bring the profession or the Association of Professional Sales into disrepute.

2. Provide our customers with a buying experience in which we “do the right thing and thereby get the right results”, by: 

•striving at all times to provide an excellent and honest experience for my customers, including the accuracy of disclosures and taking responsibility for the veracity of all claims made about the product or service supplied

•using plain language wherever possible to provide clear and concise descriptions of the product, solution or service being offered

•taking responsibility for the appropriateness of products and solutions offered to the best of my knowledge

•ensuring fairness and transparency of pricing terms and conditions in commercial relationships.

3. Promote and protect good sales practices, by: 

•continuously developing my personal professional knowledge, skills, competence and ability to exercise judgment to “do the right thing and thereby get the right results”

•fostering the highest standards of professional competence amongst those for whom I am responsible

•ensuring that my actions with customers improve my customer’s life, improve their colleagues’ lives and
positively impact those around us, ultimately helping to improve the broader economy

•responsibly managing any business relationships where unethical practices may come to light, disclosing improprieties and taking appropriate action to report and remedy them

•not providing inducements or gifts that would cause customers or employees of my organisation to be in breach of employers’ code of ethics, business principles, inter alia

•continually developing my knowledge of human rights, fraud and corruption issues, and applying this in my professional life

•optimising the responsible use of resources which I have influence over for the benefit of my organisation

•following APS guidance on professional practice.

4. Always act in line with my organisation’s codes and within the law, by: 

•adhering to the laws of the countries in which I practice, and in countries where there is no relevant law in place I will apply the standards inherent in this Code

• applying my best efforts to ensure agreed contractual obligations are fulfilled.