Sterling Chase

Sterling Chase delivers sales transformation and sales development solutions that equip sales functions with the attitude, skills, tools and the actual content themes required to:

  • Lead compelling discussions at the senior decision-maker/CxO level
  • Create, qualify, forecast, lead and win higher value sales opportunities
  • Accelerate the development and growth of critical client relationships
  • Take individual and collective ownership for exceeding their sales targets.

Our programmes range from single ‘breakthrough’ workshop interventions to full sales academy design and delivery solutions that offer:

  • Applied and personalised continuous learning and development ‘pathways’ that are tailored to your organisational context and based on the individual participants’ live selling environment;
  • Progression and achievement based on application of the learning i.e. skills, attitude, behaviours and results;
  • Learning experienced that are backed up by virtual coaching to ensure effective adoption and results in the workplace;
  • Online (video-based) support content that can be consumed at the point of need from any device;
  • Embedding via applied sales manager training and coaching and effective sales leadership change management support;
  • Assessment to recognised standards for sales professionals, business development professionals, sales managers and sales leaders.

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