The Association of Professional Sales is committed to supporting those who are practicing sales professionals. We know that there will be times when a member is between roles or taking a career break, therefore we are also happy to support these ‘non-practicing’ members for a period of up to 18 months. 
We also acknowledge that there are many individuals and organisations that not only support the sales profession but also add immense value to it; these are often trainers and consultants. We welcome individuals in these roles in the same manner as we welcome practising sales professionals, and require all members to adhere to guidelines below to ensure that the Association serves its practicing members as a primary focus. 
The APS will only ever have 5% of its membership allocated to non-practicing members, these are our ‘Affiliate Members’, who enjoy the same benefits of membership but may have certain restrictions as to the APS activities in which they can participate.
Affiliate membership is also on the basis of exceptional contribution to the sales profession, by companies that are; 
  • Ethical – they abide by the APS code of ethics
  • Credible – they have developed and are willing to share content that improves the promotes and advances sales professionalism
  • Offer Scale – they are able to interface credibly at the highest levels of Sales Leadership
  • Amplify the APS message – they believe in the APS mission, exemplify the ideal behaviours and introduce other high-quality practitioners to the community
  • Add to the community – they offer rich, innovative and relevant content to the community
We invite any potential affiliate members to engage with us, our members do want to hear from supporting organisations that demonstrate the key points above. Please contact our membership services team All Affiliate membership requests will be subject to approval by the APS Assessment Panel